Miami GP Sprint result changes as Lewis Hamilton hit with massive F1 penalty

Lewis Hamilton placed eighth overall at the Miami Sprint, but the stewards quickly revoked his point after discovering that he had raced in the pits.

After receiving a post-race penalty, Lewis Hamilton lost the point he had earned in the Miami Grand Prix Sprint.

Hamilton passed Yuki Tsunoda on the final lap to finish eighth in the short-form race. However, when the Mercedes star was penalized following the race, the Japanese racer was awarded the last point-paying position.

It was discovered that Hamilton had raced in the pit lane earlier in the race shortly after he crossed the finish line. He was thus assessed a drive-through penalty, which resulted in an additional 20 seconds being added to his time.

He had nothing to show for his efforts after receiving that punishment, which eliminated him from the running for the points. George Russell, a teammate, was also well off the pace, meaning Mercedes failed to score a single point overall.

Following his three separate penalties for illegally defending Hamilton throughout the Sprint, Kevin Magnussen received this one. The Dane put in a great race against his opponent to assist teammate Nico Hulkenberg in establishing a lead.

And it was successful, as Hulkenberg gave Haas two points. Magnussen added that he had no regrets about what he did because it had enabled the team to secure a significant outcome, even though he did not enjoy racing as much as he did.

“There is no doubt that all of the penalties were well-deserved,” stated the 31-year-old. However, I had to restart the game. There, I was right behind Nico in the lead and, early in the race, I picked up a lot of ground to move up into P8.

“I felt that because I had good pace and DRS from Nico, I was well-protected from Lewis. Nico could have returned DRS to protect me since we could have easily been P7 and P8, but instead he cut the chicane, leaving me extremely exposed to Lewis.

“I got into a furious fight with him, and even though I dislike doing it, I had to make the same kind of space I had in Jeddah. However, in the end, I performed my duties as a team player, and Nico scored his points since I closed the gap for him. He eluded Lewis and [Yuki] Tsunoda’s grasp. Although it’s not my preferred method of racing, I had to do it today.”

Surprisingly, Hamilton replied, “I think that’s really honest of him and pretty cool.” I don’t have any; the race was enjoyable. I enjoy racing hard, and even though it felt a little bit on the edge, I loved it. I wasn’t particularly pissed off, sorry, angry, or anything else. That’s how you function as a cohesive unit.”

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