Lewis Hamilton swears again live on Sky Sports F1 in response to Kevin Magnussen fight

Kevin Magnussen’s aggressive driving cost Lewis Hamilton points in the Miami Grand Prix Sprint race, and he also received a penalty of his own.

In an unexpected reaction to Kevin Magnussen’s driving violations during the Miami Grand Prix Sprint, Lewis Hamilton cursed.

Hamilton finished the short-form race on Saturday without receiving a single point. He was found guilty of speeding in the pit lane and given a 20-second penalty after the checkered flag flew.

Prior to that, Magnussen had been preventing him from moving forward by fighting valiantly to keep the Mercedes in tow. In an attempt to secure points for Haas, he was attempting to allow teammate Nico Hulkenberg to open up a lead ahead of them.

And the German did just that, coming in seventh place. But because of his excessive behavior, Magnussen received three separate penalties from the stewards.

By the time those penalties were applied to his race time, the Dane was also well out of the points positions. Magnussen insisted he did not regret his actions, even though he did not like how he had approached the race.

“There’s no doubt that all of the penalties were well-deserved,” he acknowledged. However, I had to restart the game. There, I was right behind Nico in the lead and, early in the race, I picked up a lot of ground to move up into P8.

“I felt that because I had good pace and DRS from Nico, I was well-protected from Lewis. Nico could have returned DRS to protect me since we could have easily been P7 and P8, but instead he cut the chicane, leaving me extremely exposed to Lewis.

“I got into a furious fight with him, and even though I dislike doing it, I had to make the same kind of space I had in Jeddah. However, in the end, I performed my duties as a team player, and Nico scored his points since I closed the gap for him. He eluded Lewis and [Yuki] Tsunoda’s grasp. Although it’s not my preferred method of racing, I had to do it today.”

After the Sprint, Hamilton was asked those same questions when he appeared in the media pen. Remarkably, despite forgetting to watch his language, he expressed his gratitude for Magnussen’s candor.

“I think that’s really honest of him and pretty cool,” Hamilton remarked. I don’t have any; the race was enjoyable. I enjoy racing hard, and even though it felt a little bit on the edge, I loved it. I wasn’t particularly pissed off, sorry, angry, or anything else. That’s how you function as a cohesive unit.”

Additionally, following a terrible qualifying performance at the Chinese Grand Prix two weeks ago, Hamilton cursed in a live interview.

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