Tour pro blasts ‘unpalatable’ behaviour of LIV Golf player

English tour professional Dean Burmester’s NSFW outburst during a playoff match at LIV Golf Adelaide has been described by Eddie Pepperell as “unpalatable.”

English tour professional Dean Burmester’s profanity-filled remark to a spectator during the LIV Golf Adelaide finale has been described as “unpalatable” by Eddie Pepperell.

Over the weekend, Burmester participated in the inaugural team playoff on the breakaway tour as a representative of the all-South African Stinger squad.

The golfer faced home favorites Cameron Smith and Marc Leishman along with his playing partner, former Open champion Louis Oosthuizen.

Standing over his second shot into the par-4 18th hole at the Grange Golf Club on the second playoff hole, Burmester requested quiet from those in the vicinity so he could play his shot.

Additionally, a group of fans sitting in a tree was observed, and it seemed Burmester was not pleased with the group.

Burmester was heard on hot mics telling the possibly well-lubricated onlookers to “STFU.”

He scoffed, saying, “Are you serious? STFU.

As he sent his approach deep into the bunker, he might have been a little rattled. When he then failed to get that out, there were loud applause.

Smith and Leishman ultimately took the win.

But Pepperell, who talked about what transpired in the most recent episode of The Chipping Forecast with Andrew Cotter and Iain Carter, was obviously affected by the heated exchange.

Carter and Cotter informed Pepperell that they were offended by the remark and disapproved of the partisan crowd’s actions, which were obviously intended to help the Australians win.

During their backswings, Burmester and Oosthuizen had to contend with the noise generated by the fans.

Among those sounds were boisterous jeers, taunting, and booing.

Pepperell stated to the pod:

“I’m not sure if I could tell someone to shut up on the golf course, but I would definitely be considering it.

In response to Iain’s observation, it’s ironic that LIV’s team event this week likely benefited from the team dynamic.

“Although Brendan Steele isn’t a household name, as you point out, the entire incident on the eighteenth was actually the result of teamwork.

Ironically, the team component undoubtedly enhanced it this time around for LIV.

“But, of course, I’m with Ian, and I suspect you, Andrew; in general, I find it rather disagreeable.

“I don’t think that’s the direction that golf needs to go in necessarily, and naturally, I don’t see how it’s positive overall when a player who is in contention tells the crowd to shut up.”

LIV Golf Adelaide was once again a huge success in front of a sell-out crowd of 95,000, despite that exchange and one caddie getting drilled in the head with a bottle of water.

Given that he won the historic 150th Open at St Andrews, Smith’s claim that it was the best event he had ever played is quite noteworthy.

Pepperell went on, “It’s fantastic that 95,000 people attended.

“To return to your original point, I don’t think they should expect that everywhere else they go. That is going to be its highlight event of the year.”

The previously mentioned Burmester is having a fantastic season.

He has claimed victories with LIV in Miami, the SA Open Championship, and the Johannesburg Open.

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