Anthony Kim hits out at LIV Golf criticism after making electric start at Australia event

Following a strong one-under-par 71 in the first round of LIV Adelaide, Anthony Kim displayed hints of his previous best. He then addressed a critic on social media.

After experiencing his best start at a tournament since making his comeback to the professional ranks, Anthony Kim responded to criticism leveled at him regarding his choice to join LIV Golf. This occurred at LIV Adelaide.

For the first time, Kim began a LIV event on the verge of even par on Friday, opening his week at The Grange with a strong one-under-par 71. The American celebrity opened the first round with a red after birdies at the third, ninth, 10th, and 13th holes, despite making three bogeys in his 18-hole round.

Having been away from professional golf for nearly a decade, Kim’s return earlier this year turned out to be one of the most well-documented LIV signings to date.

The 38-year-old chose to give up golf after suffering a series of injuries, despite being one of the sport’s most well-liked stars in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Kim, however, made a stunning return in February when she signed a contract with Greg Norman as an LIV wildcard for 2024.

The American has had difficult times since coming back, but on Friday in Adelaide, he displayed flashes of his former self. Kim, like a lot of other LIV celebrities, has been under fire for his choice to move to Saudi Arabia, even after his first round in Australia.

A spectator charged Kim with receiving “corrupt money” in order to play “Mickey Mouse” golf on X. Kim answered in a cool, collected manner, saying, “You believe what u want, big guy. I’m excited to be playing, and both tours have some amazing players. Keep your chin up, buddy; things will get better.”

Before Kim’s 12-year absence came to an end in January, it was the greatest mystery in professional golf. The American gave an explanation for his decision to withdraw from public life earlier this month, citing his early professional career’s mistreatment at the hands of those in his immediate vicinity.

In an interview with LIV, Kim said, “I will be honest, I have probably shed around 98 percent of the people who used to be around me.” “I won’t lie; I was in the company of some nasty people. People who exploited me, con artists. Furthermore, you are unaware of the snakes that reside under your roof until you are 24, 25, or even 30 years old.

“I was taken advantage of and blackmailed by people in various ways, but I’m still here by God’s grace. The most important thing to me is that, no matter how I play, my daughter will always be proud of me and I will be able to share my story and hopefully inspire others.”

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