Tiger Woods’ son Charlie makes major charge by entering US Open qualifier

The son of Tiger Woods has made a significant advancement in his quest to possibly follow in the footsteps of his illustrious father as he gets ready for the qualifier in Florida.

Charlie Woods, the son of Tiger Woods, has taken a step closer to becoming a professional golfer as he attempts to qualify for the U.S. Open locally and earn a spot at Pinehurst No. 2.

The fifteen-year-old’sfatherhas won the prestigious tournament four times, and now Woods Junior will try to earn a spot in the competition by competing in an eighteen-hole qualifier in Florida. The prospect’s date with destiny is scheduled for April 25 at The Legacy Golf & Tennis Club in Port St. Lucie. Tee times are scheduled for 8:18 a.m. ET.

Tiger’s only son, Charlie, is up against a formidable task as only 36 of the 84 qualifiers will move on to June’s final qualifier. Charlie is a 15-time majors winner. Charlie gained notoriety earlier this year when he tried, but was unsuccessful, to qualify for the Cognizant Classic.

Charlie’s father has never actually won at the famed North Carolina course, where the prestigious event will be held for the fourth time. While he tries to establish himself at Port St. Lucie, it’s unlikely that he will be thinking about surpassing the impressive accomplishments of his illustrious father.

The United States Golf Association has received over 10,000 entries for the US Open this year; this is the third time that interest has increased to such extraordinary proportions. Over the next two months, 109 local venues in 44 states and Canada will host qualifying events in an effort to narrow down the field.

After that, the top candidates will gather at the 13 final qualifying locations for a chance to compete in the tournament proper, which is scheduled for late May or early June. Referred to as “Golf’s Longest Day” by the golfing community, participants will face 36 holes in their last attempt to secure a tee time.

Charlie, the young player, doesn’t seem to be under any pressure from his father. This is probably due to the intense approach that Tiger’s father, Earl Woods, took to make sure his son was ready to become a professional player. Tiger stated in a speech three years prior that “He is his own person.” One of the things we ensured was that Charlie would always be Charlie. Regardless of his choice of direction, I applaud him.”

Similarly, it seems that rather than pushing his son too hard, the 48-year-old would rather just spend time together while playing golf. In 2020, a source told PEOPLE that “Tiger enjoys hanging out with Charlie on the golf course, but he exudes an entirely different energy than Earl did while working with him.

“Everyone is grinning. The insider continued, “Tiger is undoubtedly teaching him the proper techniques, but there’s not the intensity that Earl had with him. It’s an entirely bonding experience. With Charlie, Tiger can be witty and silly. It’s not always “all work and no play,” as Earl occasionally felt.”

Tiger has previously told ESPN that he has had wonderful experiences bonding with his son on the golf course, saying, “Anytime I get a chance to spend time with my son, it’s always special.” The past few years have been amazing for doing it in a competitive setting, so we’re excited to be able to do it again.”

At the Last Chance Regional in Florida in September 2023, Woods Sr. even catered for Charlie, demonstrating his willingness to relinquish his leadership role on the course in favor of spending more time with his son. “We just stay in our own little world,” he acknowledged. Every shot is taken one at a time.”

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