Golf fans rant at LIV’s expense after hilarious (?) OWGR announcement

After a mini tour featuring 54-hole events in the UK was accredited by the OWGR, several X users made jokes about LIV Golf.

Following the Official World Golf Ranking’s accreditation of a 54-hole mini tour, a group of number X users wasted no time in making jokes about LIV Golf.

The Mizuno Next Gen Series, formerly known as the Clutch Pro Tour, was authorized by the governing body to begin earning points on April 25.

This implies that starting on April 28, golfers who participate in their events will be able to begin earning points toward the world ranking.

The Challenge Tour is directly fed by the Clutch Pro Tour.

The OWGR said in a statement that one of the main factors influencing their choice was the Clutch Pro Tour’s 36-hole cut.

LIV formally submitted their points application prior to the historic 150th Open at St Andrews.

For eighteen months, the question of whether or not LIV should have received points was a contentious and heated one.

In October of last year, LIV’s request for points was formally rejected.

Peter Dawson, the chairman of OWGR, asserted that there was no anti-LIV agenda.

Phil Mickelson, the face of LIV, disagreed with that assertion.

Dawson emphasized that the breakaway could score points if they were willing to make a few changes, saying, “We are not at war with LIV.”

In March 2024, LIV withdrew their bid for points.

Greg Norman, their commissioner, took a hard stance against the board.

Norman sent the following letter to LIV players: “It is now evident that the current ranking system is not the best way forward for LIV as a league and you as LIV golfers, after spending the last 18 months in almost constant dialogue with various members of the OWGR Technical Committee and board.”

“There is no longer a resolution protecting the integrity, veracity, and accuracy of the OWGR rankings.”

Norman concluded his irate letter by complaining about the OWGR’s “poor willingness to work productively with us.”

LIV was not mentioned in the OWGR statement.

The announcement stated as follows: “The Clutch Pro Tour will become an OWGR Eligible Golf Tour from Week 17, week ending April 28, 2024, and its official Tier 1 tournaments, in accordance with OWGR regulations, will be eligible for inclusion in the ranking. This follows a 17-month application process, during which the Tour worked continuously toward the standards required to become an OWGR Eligible Golf Tour.”

“The Clutch Pro Tour offers access to its official tournaments, which are played over 54 holes with a 36-hole cut, through its annual open qualifying school for the 2025 season and its 2024 qualifying series, which is held in the United Arab Emirates.”

“It also offers opportunities to local and regional players, culminating in a no-cut, season-ending Championship. Accordingly, the Clutch Pro Tour complies with the OWGR’s long-standing eligibility and format criteria,” the statement reads.

In the UK, the Clutch Pro Tour has been extremely important, especially after the EuroPro Tour was shut down.

“Players have continued to have playing opportunities and pathways to the European Challenge Tour and the DP World Tour thanks to its organization.”

One X user responded to the statement by writing, “You guys are useless.”

“How embarrassing it must be for your staff to post this,” another person said.
“OWGR is paving the way for 54-hole golf tours to get points. These guys are absolute trailblazers,” the joker said.

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