July 23, 2024

Rory McIlroy and Greg Norman have clarified the situation in the wake of rumors that the Northern Irishman had received an incredible offer to leave the PGA Tour and join LIV Golf.

In the wake of the Northern Irishman’s vow to remain on the PGA Tour, LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman has stated that he would be “100%” open to speaking with Rory McIlroy about a spectacular move to the circuit.

The four-time major winner has long been considered as one of the PIF-backed tour’s most ardent critics, as golf’s civil war shows no signs of slowing. But false reports surfaced recently claiming that the world number two was being offered an $850 million deal with two percent equity to jump ship to Saudi Arabia.

In the midst of the fallout from these rumors, McIlroy’s insistence that he would never play on the LIV circuit was subsequently verified by LIV chief Norman, who stated that the Northern Irishman was never presented with a formal proposal. As the American circuit attempts to figure out its next move, the latter has also been connected to a return to the PGA Tour’s policy board.

This occurs as negotiations to create a framework agreement for the merger of the DP World Tour, LIV Golf, and the PGA Tour have come to a standstill. In response to rumors that McIlroy was involved with the LIV project, Norman has now stated that he was never made an offer by the project.

This is just standard industry noise that gets out there, so we didn’t need to comment on it. Would we be happy to sit down with Rory and have a conversation if he was willing to do so? Not any different from any other player who might be interested in joining us and playing 100% of the time.

“I had a meeting with a very good player from the PGA Tour in his home, and we went over everything together. He was very impressed. However, he took the call. Two days later, I received a call from him saying, “I’ve decided to stay where I’m at.” Saying, “Happy days,” You decided based on information. Your door is always open, and we would be pleased to have you return and speak with us again.”

Regarding the possibility of joining the tour in the Gulf State, McIlroy has spoken his mind without reservation. He promised the Golf Channel, dispelling rumors. “I genuinely have no idea how these things get started. From LIV, I’ve never received a number offer. I have never considered visiting LIV.

Once more, I’ve stated over the past two years that I don’t believe [LIV] is right for me. This does not imply that I am passing judgment on those who have visited and played there. People are free to choose whatever they believe is best for themselves, which is something I believe I’ve realized over the past two years. Who are we to criticize them?

“But personally, I think that my future is right here on the PGA Tour, and it’s never been any different,” he went on. I intend to continue competing on the PGA Tour throughout my career.

Regarding the question of whether players who have remained faithful to the American circuit ought to receive greater compensation for it—specifics about which are anticipated to be revealed this week—the former Open champion remarked, “I mean, the simple answer is yes.” The intricate response is, indeed, how that occurs. And that’s it; everything else is hazy and uncertain at the moment.

“Yes, there is, but it’s difficult for me to sit here and not feel a little bit like a sacrifice lamb, thinking that I’ve put myself out there and this is what transpires. Once more stepping back, I can see how this is better for the game of golf. That cannot be disputed. However, discussions will still need to be had for me personally, so yeah.”

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