Ronnie O’Sullivan tells Lewis Hamilton he’s lucky after sad snooker revelation

Ronnie O’Sullivan, a snooker pro, has a direct message for Lewis Hamilton.

In an open discussion about his life outside of snooker, Ronnie O’Sullivan claims Lewis Hamilton is fortunate not to have pursued motorsports as a child. The 48-year-old pondered on his love of snooker before deciding to continue his dominance at the World Championship by winning a record-tying eighth Crucible title.

Despite his successes, O’Sullivan has been critical of his performances and has threatened to retire the following year if he doesn’t improve. When asked what he would do if he never picked up a snooker cue, he gave an odd response.

Though he would have been taking to the track instead of the baine, he insisted that sport would have remained the main focus. And O’Sullivan is certain that he could have stopped Hamilton from winning seven Formula One world championships. “I would definitely be putting Lewis Hamilton to the test,” O’Sullivan said to Eurosport.

“Give him a real run for his money around a Formula One track as well; I’m a pretty good driver.” I truly believe that I was born with a talent for driving. Without a doubt, I would have won a world championship in a motorsport. I am certain of that.

In addition to talking about other sports and life outside of the game, O’Sullivan also described how he lost interest in snooker after meeting Ed Sheeran by coincidence. The Rocket has realized that competing at the highest level no longer fulfills him, and it has taken some of the joy out of it.

Outside of snooker, the 48-year-old enjoys running a lot. She said, “I think certain sports – I met Ed Sheeran the other day, what a lovely guy he was – just chatting to him.” I met him through Damian’s associates, and he is friends with Damian (Hirst). As we continued our conversation, he remarked, “I need a hobby because I’m doing some art.” since my first hobby is music.

I used to play snooker as a hobby, but I found the pressures and the difficulty to be challenging. Now that I have to play against elite opponents, I guess it’s different. Perhaps Ed Sheeran’s singing would not be a hobby if he had to perform in front of someone as talented as him every night.

Going to play Mark Williams, Mark Selby, John Higgins, and Judy Trump while you’re not performing at your best isn’t exactly a mouthwatering idea.

Playing players who can make 70-80 breaks makes you think, “Tonight’s going to be a good night, I might lose the odd frame because they can all play,” but there’s a different kind of pressure if you’re at an exhibition in Wales and you’re not feeling well. It is difficult to be at the pinnacle of any sport, and it is especially difficult as one ages.

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