McIlory ‘happy to do his bit’ and make shock report to PGA Tour board

A vote later this week will determine whether or not Rory McIlroy rejoins the PGA Tour’s policy board, according to a report by the Guardian.

According to a report, Rory McIlroy is getting close to joining the PGA Tour policy board again after Webb Simpson resigned and specifically requested that the Northern Irishman take his place.

According to Ewan Murray of the Guardian, McIlroy’s return to the role is reportedly contingent upon a vote by the other board members later this week.

Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, Peter Malnati, Patrick Cantlay, and Adam Scott are among those on the board.

There are rumors that McIlroy will also be appointed to the board of PGA Tour Enterprises, a for-profit business that was established in June of last year as a component of the framework agreement between the PIF of Saudi Arabia and the North American circuit for the 6 June event.

Coming up this month, McIlroy, a four-time major champion, will turn 35. Last November, he made the unexpected decision to leave the board.

Recalling his desire to focus solely on his professional golf game and leave the off-course squabbling to others, McIlroy declared at the time that “something had to give.”

However, his departure followed months of unparalleled upheaval in the elite ranks, which the PGA Tour unexpectedly revealed to the sporting world when it declared an armistice with PIF.

Having fought against the breakaway since the Tour’s beginning, McIlroy talked about how he felt like its “sacrificial lamb.”

His awkward response to that deal was caught on camera by Netflix prior to the Canadian Open.

He said, “I’m almost to the point where I’m like, f— it, do whatever you wanna do.”

Following the announcement of the peace agreement, McIlroy gradually began to change his mind about League of Legends and advocated for the game’s reunion.

“With all of us together, the game is way better,” he remarked.

His stance seemed at odds with some board members’ public declarations that it would be difficult to bring LIV players back into the fold, should they so choose.

This was demonstrated when Spieth took his place on the board and said that the US circuit didn’t necessarily need to reach an agreement with the PIF following PGA Tour Enterprises’ $1.5 billion private equity agreement with Strategic Sports Group.

Later, McIlroy said that because his voice was not being heard, he felt as though he was hitting his head against a brick wall.

Unfounded rumors also surfaced suggesting he wasn’t on the same page as Woods.

Although a little shocking, the news is not surprising considering that the previously mentioned framework agreement has not yet been finalized.

It is hoped that McIlroy will be able to assist the establishment in moving forward with the PIF negotiations.

McIlroy has had several meetings with Yasir Al-Rumayyan, the governor of PIF and chairman of LIV.

In the past, he called him “a very impressive man.”

Rumors circulated that McIlroy was about to make an unexpected $850 million transfer to LIV following yet another forgettable Masters performance.

However, McIlroy vehemently refuted rumors that he was going to leave and insisted that no offer had ever been made.

And he said he would not consider one either.

He declared, “I will play on the PGA Tour for the rest of my life.”

One X user responded to the Guardian’s reporting by writing, “I love Rory but you’ve got to be kidding me.”

Another chuckled, “Nice. Golf is something Rory McIlroy excels at only when his brain explodes.”

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