Lanny Wadkins took another swing at Phil Mickelson: If it wasn’t for golf he’d be gambling in a ditch somewhere

Phil Mickelson is referred to as the “most disappointing figure” in golf by Lanny Wadkins.

The host of Golf Today, Eamon Lynch, brought up the recent claims made by Vegas gambler Billy Walters, claiming that Mickelson desired to wager on the Ryder Cup team he was a member of in 2012. Rumors regarding Mickelson’s addiction to betting started to surface, despite the fact that “Lefty” has refuted betting on the biggest international match play tournament in golf.

Wadkins does not appear to be a major fan of Phil Mickelson. When talking about Mickelson’s conduct both on and off the course, the seasoned golfer didn’t mince words. Lynch received a very clear message from Wadkins about his thoughts on the LIV golfer and his actions over the previous few years.

How did Wadkins characterize Mickelson?
In response to a question concerning the gambling claims, 1977 PGA championship winner Wadkins gave Lynch his honest opinion of “Lefty”:

“I don’t think a golfer has ever been more disappointing than Phil Mickelson,” he remarked. For a very long time, we all admired him and were in awe of his playing prowess. However, nothing about what he’s doing these days seems right.

“Wadkins was discussing Mickelson’s gambling problems and his decision to join the LIV Golf Tour, which is supported by Saudi Arabia.

He said that Mickelson was not given the chance to lead the Ryder Cup in the future.

Had Mickelson stayed in the PGA, Wadkins thought he might have even been a two-time captain. Mickelson’s self-destructive decisions and continued behavior are regrettable. Wadkins bemoaned the state of affairs and expressed disappointment and sadness, saying it is regrettable to see people in the golfing community who think they are better than the game.

Mickelson exudes a feeling of superiority. Now we have to wait for Mickelson to answer Wadkins. In addition to being open about leaving the PGA, Mickelson has never denied his history of betting on sports. How Mickelson and the golf community react to Wadkins’ remarks will be interesting to watch.

This week, Mickelson has encountered difficulties both on and off the course.

Regarding the LIV Golfer, Eamon Lynch also shared his opinions in a recent USA Today column.

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