July 23, 2024

PGA Tour winner unleashes a vicious attack on Tiger Woods: “Those in Tiger’s corner tell him to shut up about it. No one has ever left like that.”

After appearing on the “Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich” show, former PGA Tour pro Mark Lye made a bold claim that Tiger Woods used steroids to help him become a 15-time major champion.

After watching Woods finish dead last among those who made the cut at The Masters, Lye—who won his only PGA Tour title at the 1983 Bank of Boston Classic—spoke with Dakich just a day later.

Regarding Woods using steroids over the years, he clarified that “80 to 90% of people out there know something ain’t right.”

Woods has been the subject of numerous rumors in the past about his use of performance-enhancing drugs, which GQ investigated further in 2020.

In a 2007 article for Golf Digest, Gary Player stated that “at least 10 golfers around the world” were taking performance-enhancing drugs at the time.

Currently, the PGA Tour’s anti-doping program banned substance list includes a wide range of Anabolic androgenic Steroids and Exogenous Anabolic androgenic Steroids.

Lye, 71, did not hold back in his evaluation when Dakich pressed him on whether Woods, 48, had ever used steroids on the circuit.

Lye said:

“Yes, that is the overall sentiment, but some individuals in Tiger’s corner advise him to “shut up about it.” No one has ever really said that the way I’m saying it now, or gone out like that. There’s simply no question. About 80 or 90 percent of people, in my opinion, are aware that something is wrong.

Upon realizing that his remarks were likely leading him down a bit of a rabbit hole, Lye then quickly pivoted the conversation to talk about The Masters and Scottie Scheffler’s dominant four-shot victory at Augusta National.

After Lye left, Dakich talked freely about Woods.

Even though he’s still a huge fan, he acknowledged that he’s “cooked” now.

With his halfway cut, Woods established a new all-time record (24) for the most cuts made at The Masters.

The five-time Masters champion then fired a horrendous 10-over 82 on Saturday, his lowest-ever score at both The Masters and a major tournament.

Woods finished alone last (60th) among those who made the cut, closing with a 77.

A year before Woods broke through as a professional in 1996, Lye announced his retirement from the game.

Lye joined SiriusXM as a co-host of “The Scorecard,” which aired on weekends during PGA Tour events, in August 2015.

He was ultimately let go in February 2022 for disparaging women’s sports in an on-air interview.

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