Reporter left red-faced as Neal Shipley shuts down Tiger Woods ‘note’ question

See how awkwardly Neal Shipley ends his press conference when someone asks him about a note that Tiger Woods is said to have given him.

Neal Shipley won the Silver Cup for low amateur at The Masters because he was the only amateur to finish all 72 holes at Augusta National.

As luck would have it, Shipley, 23, also had the amazing chance to play alongside Tiger Woods in the championship round.

After shooting 73, the 23-year-old defeated the 15-time major champion by four shots as well.

Shipley finished the week four shots ahead of Woods in the competition with a very respectable T53 on 12-over par.

At 16 over par, Woods was the last player to finish among those who made the cut.

At Augusta National, the five-time Masters champion did at least set a new record for the most consecutive cuts (24), though.

Shipley left his mark on the low amateur Silver Cup.

Out of the five players, the Ohio State alumnus was the sole amateur to secure a spot.

Shipley acknowledged that Woods, 48, put him at ease throughout the decisive round.

Shipley remarked, “I think it’s one of my more laid-back rounds of the week.”

“I believe Tiger gave me a very warm welcome.

He was kind of cool, chit-chatting away. Just having a fun, semi-casual round with Tiger aside from your attendance at The Masters.”

One journalist was left red-faced after discussing his hectic week in greater detail with reporters in the media center, and it was the very last question.

On the eighth fairway, the aforementioned reporter supposedly witnessed Woods write something on a note and give it to Shipley.

Shipley, however, quickly put an end to it.

“No, no, that didn’t happen,” he said.

🚨📝 #NoteGate — A reporter said he saw Tiger Woods write something down & hand a note to Neal Shipley in the 8th fairway.

“No no, that didn’t happen”

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