July 23, 2024

Fans of golf have taken issue with Zach Johnson’s behavior during the second day of The Masters.

Zach Johnson was heard telling spectators to “f*** off” after his triple-bogey six on the 12th, but he later refuted the claim to a reporter following the second round of The Masters.

Many American golf fans have recently criticized Johnson, 48, for the way he led the United States’ losing Ryder Cup team at Marco Simone in Rome in September of last year.

During the WM Phoenix Open earlier this season, the two-time major champion was caught on camera getting hot under the collar when a few PGA Tour fans heckled him about the 2023 Ryder Cup.

Johnson’s tee shot into a bush on the famous par-3 12th hole at The Masters on day two of the tournament was reminiscent of a similar incident.

Johnson teed off for a triple-bogey six after making a total mess of the hole. Back over on the tee, about 150 yards away, patrons were clapping mockingly and applauding his efforts as the ball went down.

Johnson obviously took offense at that, turning to face the customers and yelling, “F*** off.”

Johnson continued, finishing one shot short of the cut at 7-over par.

When questioned about the incident following the round, he responded that it was “completely laughable.”

Johnson claimed that because the customers were so far away, he was unable to hear from them and that, “if” he had used an expletives, it would have been “fully directed towards myself.”

View Johnson’s entire conversation with the reporter following the second round by scrolling below.

Why don’t you address the matter regarding social media?

Zach Johnson: I have no knowledge of any social media platforms. My scorecard was just signed by me.

Q. Following your shots on 12, some customers made comments that you were mentioned in.

Zach Johnson: Did I miss my opening shot in the bush?

Q. Perhaps it was after the putt.

Zach Johnson: following my double bogey putt? Or, after my triple putt, I suppose it makes no difference. With the downhill, they’re 152, but I can’t hear anything from them at 100. Actually, they’re 152 away, or 154 away. I have no idea what the circumstances are.

What is it that they claim I said or did?

Q. There have been rumors that you cursed at a few customers.

Zach Johnson: You mean I cursed at the customers? That is absurd. That is utterly absurd. First of all, I cannot hear the customers. Secondly, I just made a triple bogey on the 12th hole, which is obviously going to cause me to miss the cut. I knew at the time that this was going to be difficult because I needed to keep making pars.

If I’ve said anything, which I won’t deny, especially if it was captured on camera, I sincerely apologize. Secondly, since I can’t hear anything behind me, everything I said was directed at me. Does that make sense?

Q. You’ve heard remarks from fans at various tournaments since the Ryder Cup. How tough has it been to handle that?

Zach Johnson: You will need to provide more details. I apologize.

Q. Some remarks were made at the Phoenix Open.

Zach Johnson: Oh no, once more. I haven’t used social media in months or perhaps even nearly a year. A video was shown to me. I believe I know which one it was because I interrupted several times. However, as an adult, I will speak up if I witness someone to my right throwing up and then encouraging the person to have another beer while a middle school golf team is nearby.

Q. Have you experienced backlash from individuals regarding –?

Zach Johnson: Not at all. Nothing in person, that is. Again, there are clear reasons why I don’t use social media. If that makes sense, I use social media at my management company, but I’m not active on it. Personally speaking, I don’t believe I’ve experienced anything unfair. Once more, I haven’t used social media, so I can’t truly say what people are saying.

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