Wyndham Clark opens fire on LIV Golf with brutal jibe after opening Masters round

Although Wyndham Clark was the highest-ranked rookie ever going into the Masters, the world No. 4 easily made an impression on the Saudi-sponsored LIV Golf Tour on Thursday.

After playing only 54 holes after his opening round at the Masters on Thursday, Wyndham Clark slammed LIV Golf.

The fourth-ranked player in the world, who is the highest-ranked rookie entering the tournament, shoots a 1-over par round. Clark had a promising start to the round with three birdies on the front nine, but finished the back nine with two bogeys and a double bogey.

However, Clark, who surprised everyone by winning the US Open the previous year, is fully confident in his ability to rise back to the top of the leaderboard. However, with Bryson DeChambeau leading after Day 1 with an incredible 7-under, he’ll have some work ahead of him.

“Yes, we have 54 holes,” he said in response to the question of whether he could still win even though he was eight shots behind. They only play 54 in LIV Golf, so I feel like I have a good chance. There’s still a ton of golf left. It’s evident that someone shot 7-under. Tomorrow, I could accomplish that.”

Naturally, Clark is drawing attention to the fact that, unlike the PGA Tour, which plays 72 holes over four days, the Saudi-backed breakaway league only plays 54 holes, hence its name, over three days. Given that LIV Golf star Koepka led the Masters for the first 54 holes last year, it is especially damning.

That was before the American was pipped by Jon Rahm, who was then on the PGA Tour, coming from behind. Even though Clark had a weak back nine, he maintained he was not anxious at all about the event.

“I felt fairly at ease. I had a great time outside,” he remarked. We would be having a different interview right now if, as I mentioned, I played the par-5s a little better and maybe made one or two putts here and there. I thought I played really well. I’m having fun with my game. All you have to do on the par-5s is tighten up and make some putts.”

At Augusta National, the weather was harsh with winds exceeding 20 mph. Clark cited this as the cause of his high putt miss rate. “It’s very difficult to make putts when the wind is blowing 20 and gusting,” he stated. It’s challenging to make putts when you’re attempting to time the putt with the gusts, having all this break, and playing wind. It’s hard out there right now, but I know some guys probably did.”

“It’s just a hard day,” he continued. With the exception of the three-putt on hole eight, I felt like I played nearly perfect on the front nine, and aside from the two par-5s, I was playing well most of the back nine. No, I don’t believe learning is too difficult. It is what it is. This is a very challenging time. It was probably a little simpler in the morning when the wind wasn’t blowing as hard, but right now it’s really difficult.”

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