Jon Rahm issues major concern on eve of The Masters

The caddie of Jon Rahm At Augusta National, Adam Hayes has succumbed to a stomach ailment and does not have a replacement caddie.

After suffering a stomach ailment, Jon Rahm acknowledges that his caddie Adam Hayes is running out of time to recover completely before the first round of The Masters.

The star of LIV Golf, Rahm, is hoping Hayes will be back in action by Thursday. Rahm is attempting to become the first player since Tiger Woods in 2002 to successfully defend The Masters.

Hayes has caddied for Rahm since 2016. Hayes was sick on Sunday and was unable to assist Rahm in the final round of LIV Golf Miami.

It was the first time Hayes had ever had to remove himself from Rahm’s bag in the middle of a competition.

Illness also forced Cameron Smith to withdraw from LIV Golf Miami.

Rahm did not win his first LIV Golf championship last week, but he did assist Legion XIII in winning their second championship of the year.

Ahead of The Masters, the Spaniard discussed his caddie’s current predicament in a media center speech.

Hayes is getting better every day, according to Rahm.

However, the two-time major champion clarified that if Hayes needs more time off the field this week, he does not have a backup plan in place to caddie for him.

Rahm said:

“Well, he arrived here and had a mild case of the stomach bug. It takes a lot for him not to caddie because, despite his struggles, he has always been there and has consistently made it through. I’ve heard him say on several occasions, “I don’t know if I can make it,” but I’m not sure if today would be the day.

“He hasn’t caddied since last Sunday, which worries me a lot because he is a fighter who will persevere through anything.

However, he appeared better yesterday. He appeared to be improving significantly, and maybe he will continue to improve today and tomorrow.

“I hope he can make it on Thursday; as of right now, I don’t have a backup.”

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