July 23, 2024

One significant LIV Golf modification, according to Cameron Smith, has made him feel much more prepared for the 2024 Masters.

After LIV Golf paid attention to the players and expanded the rival league’s schedule with more events, Cameron Smith says he feels more prepared for the 2024 Masters.

This month, Smith will be returning to Augusta National for the eighth time, and for the second time since joining the breakaway tour in 2022.

Smith feels that his lack of tournament golf did contribute to his lack of sharpness, as he tied for 34th place last year.

Smith, who played five LIV events in 2024 as opposed to three last year, will drive up Magnolia Lane.

At the beginning of the year, the well-liked Australian also participated in the Australian Open and Australian PGA Championship.

Smith said to The West Australian, when asked how it would feel to win the Masters, “It would be unbelievable.” The St Andrews Open is a unique event.

It would be simply amazing to pair it with a green jacket.

“I watched it growing up, and from the time I was probably five or six years old until I turned pro, I never missed a shot there.

“Yes, it’s a really cool place, and now that I’m going to be going there for the eighth time, I really want to get it, and it would be amazing if I could.”

Smith has had inconsistent results this season with LIV.

After falling to Abraham Ancer in a playoff match, he tied for second in Hong Kong, which was his best result to date.

“We were only able to play three events prior to the Masters last year. Before the Masters this week, this will be our fifth event,” Smith stated.

Why does he think things will be different this year, then?

He said, “So it’s just being competitive for a little bit longer during the tournament.”

“It will be very beneficial on its own, but it will also be beneficial to pick up the clubs a little earlier.

It’s been great for us because they [LIV] changed a few things that needed to be changed.

“You’re straight into it and you’re definitely thinking about Augusta as soon as the New Year begins, as soon as you pick up the clubs again, kind of after Christmas,” he went on.

“I don’t believe anything in particular exists. You sort of have it in the back of your mind.

Of course, you’re also trying to get ready for the competitions that take place between Augusta and the New Year.

“However, I’ve been attempting to spend a little more time on the course over the past three weeks in order to concentrate on a shot, flight control, and shaping, all of which I believe are very important for playing well there.”

Cameron Smith Masters record:

2016: T-55

2018: T-5

2019: T-51

2020: T-2

2021: T-10

2022: T-3

2023: T-34

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