July 23, 2024

The LIV Golf star opened up about his return to golf after quitting the game 12 years ago, describing how his life has changed significantly since then and that he does not have many happy memories of it.

In a rare interview, Anthony Kim talked candidly about the first 12 years of his golf career, which ended in shock and a surprise return.

After a 12-year absence, Kim returned to the course and signed with LIV Golf, following his 2012 retirement due to injury and other difficulties. Additionally, he has hinted that in the early stages of his career, he had relationships with people who he now believes were “scam artists” and “took advantage” of him.

Kim has some regrets about his earlier years in the sport and his early 20s personal life. According to the American, people who were close to him and his own friends during that period of his life did not do much for him.

In a brief excerpt from an interview that will air on Tuesday, Kim is asked if he still has the same friends from his golfing days before he abruptly retires. He responds, “I don’t.” To be honest, I think I’ve let go of about 98% of the people who used to be in my life.

“I won’t lie; I was in the company of some nasty people. People who exploited me, con artists. Furthermore, you are unaware of the snakes that reside under your roof until you are 24, 25, or even 30 years old.

“I was taken advantage of and blackmailed by people in various ways, but I’m still here by God’s grace. The most important thing to me is that, no matter how I play, my daughter will always be proud of me and I will be able to share my story and hopefully inspire others.”

Kim’s entire interview, “The Journey Back,” will be made available on Tuesday. In it, he will go into further detail about his struggles both within and outside of the sport, as well as his return to it. Kim, who is 38 years old, still has a lot of work ahead of him despite having to take a long break from competition due to injuries.

Even though Kim hasn’t played as well as he could have since returning, he has shown flashes of amazing play following a strong performance in Hong Kong last month. In the event’s final round in mid-March, Kim shot an amazing five-under-par 65, making seven birdies along the way.

This week, when LIV Golf kicks off at Trump National Doral in Miami, Kim will make his LIV Golf debut back in the United States.

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