July 23, 2024

At the Australian Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz won the race, ending Max Verstappen’s winning run.

After Ferrari’s star won the Australian Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz, a former teammate, made fun of Lando Norris. The Spaniard took advantage of Max Verstappen’s early retirement to win an F1 race, even though he had to miss the previous race in Saudi Arabia due to emergency surgery to remove his appendix.

Charles Leclerc, the driver of the Ferrari, crossed the finish line first, while Norris finished third on the podium. The two friends then laughed about the outcome together. Prior to Sainz leaving for the Scuderia in 2021, they had driven together at McLaren.

“It is what I told Lando, I said maybe you should get your appendix removed this winter, you should do it because there may be a tenth in it,” Sainz joked to Sky Sports regarding how the British driver could win his first Grand Prix. We were discussing it at the podium.

The 24-year-old, however, appeared to take the joke well and said he would now do the same. He answered, “Yeah, obviously you do it and you win the next race, so maybe you’ll see me running like Carlos next time.”

Additionally, Sainz, 29, flaunted his scars from the procedure in a photo that Norris shared on social media. “I’m going to have my appendix removed,” wrote Norris. “Well, it seems like you succeed and win a race, soooooo. Congrats on your #weightloss, Carlito.”

Few anticipated a Sainz victory despite starting second on the grid because Red Bull driver Max Verstappen was leading the field and expected to win for the third time in a row. However, he was forced out of the race after just three laps when the brakes on his car caught fire, ending his attempt to match his own record 10-race winning streak in Melbourne.

Sainz had taken the lead by then and had dutifully maintained his composure. After putting an end to Verstappen’s final winning run in Singapore in 2023, he became the only driver to have won any of the previous 21 Formula One Grand Prix events aside from the Dutchman.

It’s ironic that Sainz won now because they don’t have a drive for 2025. After this season, he will be replaced at Ferrari by Lewis Hamilton, who also announced his retirement to carry on with his disastrous start to his last season at Mercedes.

That being said, Norris has now recorded three straight top-10 finishes. Verstappen leads by 11 points, and Sainz is currently fourth in the standings with 40, followed by Norris in sixth place with 27.

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