Lando Norris caught on camera swearing at fan who mocked him after Australian GP

Following the Australian Grand Prix, in which he finished third behind the Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr., Lando Norris was seen on camera cursing at a fan who had made fun of him.

The Australian Grand Prix driver Lando Norris, a star of Formula 1, was seen on camera cursing at a spectator after they made fun of his record. The 24-year-old racing sensation quickly expressed his thoughts to someone in Melbourne by making a quick hand gesture after they made a cheeky remark.

After rising through the ranks of the McLaren Young Driver Program to become a true star, Lando has been making waves in the racing world. After taking second place in Formula 2 with Carlin in 2018, he made waves by entering the Formula 1 grid.

He began racing for McLaren six years ago with Carlos Sainz Jr., and in 2020, he received his first significant cheer for finishing third at the Austrian Grand Prix. Even though he’s come very close to winning an F1 race since then, he’s only finished on the podium 13 more times.

He shot up to third place at the Melbourne race once more, but he was unable to overtake Sainz and Charles Leclerc for the victory. One fan at the track started teasing him because of this, yelling, “When are you gonna win a race, Lando?”

Clearly offended by the critical remarks made by a bystander who recorded the event, Norris gave him the finger in return. He appeared unhappy with the remark and told the unfavorable fan to “f*** off” before leaving the area with his team.

Social media users swiftly defended the British driver when they saw the video of Norris making a crude gesture in response to the audacious person. After seeing the video, a McLaren supporter wrote: “He has more podiums than many on the grid older than him; ok, he hasn’t won yet, but it’s coming, and his response was excellent.”

After the race, Norris seemed positive despite the unpleasant incident and praised the work his McLaren team did over the weekend. Saying, “I think our pace has been good all weekend,” he thanked everyone. We assembled everything quite nicely.”

“I probably didn’t anticipate that we would be racing against the Ferraris today. “I believe our speed was superior to Carlos’, but certainly not inferior to Charles’,” he remarked, beaming at his own performance. “Thus, if I were to be completely honest, I believe we may have slightly lost out on the chance to be P2 today.”

“I think if you look back to here last year we were not terrible considering the car that we had,” the British celebrity remarked. This was always going to be a good weekend for us, but we’ve returned with a good car and have shown what we can do.”

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