A Happy Gilmore sequel may be available on Netflix soon, according to reports.

A report claiming that a sequel to the beloved 1996 Adam Sandler comedy “Happy Gilmore” is in the works has golf fans going crazy.

Actor Christopher McDonald, who portrayed Shooter McGavin in the renowned golf movie, disclosed in an interview with Audacy’s 92.3 The Fan that Sandler had already shown him an early draft of “Happy Gilmore 2.” This information was reported by Deadline.

McDonald said:

About two weeks ago, I saw Adam, and he told me, ‘McDonald, you’re going to love this.'” “What?” I exclaimed. “How about that?” he asks, presenting me with the initial draft of Happy Gilmore 2.
McDonald continued by saying he “didn’t want to be a liar” and that his remarks might be “cut” from the interview.

However, McDonald then continued:

“When Adam showed me the script, I immediately thought, ‘Wow, that would be awesome.'” Thus, work is underway. Dammit, fans demand it!”

Sources claim that if “Happy Gilmore 2” is released on screen, it will stream on Netflix, similar to the PGA Tour’s “Full Swing” documentary series.

Both Netflix and Sandler’s representatives have declined to comment.

Dennis Dugan directed it, and Sandler and Tim Herlihy wrote the screenplay. Universal Pictures released it.

In the movie, “Happy” picked up golf as a new hobby despite having never played anything other than hockey pucks.

After realizing that qualifying events offered substantial prize money, “Happy,” who had spent all of his time trying to save his grandmother’s house, became interested in the sport.

‘Happy’ elevated his game to unprecedented levels and achieved some of the longest drives in history with the assistance of retired golf pro Chubbs Peterson, portrayed by the late Carl Weathers.

Several of Happy’s teammates on Tour were irritated by his extremely aggressive playing style and demeanor, none more so than McGavin.

After that, the two faced off in a final-round match for the Tour Championship, which came down to the dramatic 18th hole where Happy sealed the victory after a tower collapsed on the green.

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