George Russell fumes at Lewis Hamilton at Australian GP with foul-mouthed radio blast

George Russell, a Mercedes driver, vented during warm-ups for the Australian Grand Prix after teammate Lewis Hamilton blocked him in Melbourne.

George Russell felt his Mercedes teammate was impeding him on the track in Melbourne, so he took out his frustration on Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton obstructed the path of his fellow Silver Arrows driver on Saturday morning during the last practice. Furthermore, Russell was obviously unable to suppress his irritation at the notion that this was not an isolated incident.

He yelled over the radio, “Guys, I always find Lewis at s**t points on the track, every time.” Luckily for the British, it was just practice, so there was no financial disruption and they could continue with their individual programs.

Later in the day, Russell overcame his teammate to surpass Hamilton’s qualifying mark for the fourth time in a row. The seven-time Formula One champion didn’t even finish in the top ten, and he will start the race on Sunday’s grid in position eleven.

Following the session, Hamilton lamented his unreliable car and will line up eleventh on the grid. He stated: “We were right there with those guys and we didn’t really understand why, so it was strange even though it felt great in FP3.” However, during qualifying, the car’s inconsistent performance truly throws off the mental balance.”

When asked about his W15’s issues, Hamilton said, “There’s a long list.” Our car seems to be hovering near the edge. The wind picks up here in the afternoon, just as it did in FP2. The car gets much more unstable as the wind picks up.

“The wind was calmer this morning, so it was nice, but as it picked up, it became more unstable. I’m not sure why, but the others seemed to pick up the pace in qualifying. However, even though we used less fuel in qualifying than in Formula Three, it didn’t feel the same. Although none of the team is enjoying it, we will continue to work hard.”

Mercedes tried some experiments in the real world, but they were unable to increase the speed of their vehicles. Toto Wolff, the team manager, commented on Russell and Hamilton’s combined qualifying results, saying: “It’s particularly disappointing because we were within a tenth in FP3. Although the circumstances were slightly different, there is no justification. You can fit narrowly in or out of the window of our challenging car.

We just need to keep working on it, as much as I annoy myself by saying this so much. We’ve tried our hardest, but it’s not good enough where we are at this point.

“Getting closer to Red Bull in the short term is an illusion, but I still have to think this car is capable of more. It wasn’t a bad car this morning, but we still need to work on it because it’s very difficult to enter and exit the performance window.”

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