In response to his most recent assertions about the advantages of LIV Golf’s worldwide reach, Jon Rahm has come under fire.

Online, Jon Rahm has come under fire for allegedly misleading the golf community with his most recent comments regarding the LIV Golf League.

Rahm, 29, has already established himself on the Tour since joining the lucrative league supported by Saudi Arabia earlier this year.

The Spaniard is currently ranked second in the individual standings for the 2024 season after placing in the top 10 in each of the four events.

When Rahm confirmed his decision to join the breakaway circuit for a reported $600 million live on TV while wearing a LIV Golf bomber jacket, the golfing world was rocked. Rahm had previously stated that he wouldn’t be interested in moving to LIV and that $400 million wouldn’t change his life.

Since joining, Rahm and his squad, Legion XIII, have participated in competitions in Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong, three nations outside of the US.

Apart from the apparent increase in air miles, Rahm recently disclosed that one of LIV’s main goals is to present events to audiences that are passionate about golf.

In a recent interview with the Howie Games Podcast, Rahm stated:

“It seems to me that one of the main goals of LIV Golf is to play golf in new locations. It’s really easy. Many golf communities are deserving of better golf but have never had the opportunity.” In the US, you have three of the four majors, after all. Additionally, some of the WGCs were held outside prior to their existence, but you were primarily playing in several US and European nations and could never truly escape that.
Thus, it’s incredible to be able to enjoy Singapore, Hong Kong, Adelaide, and Saudi Arabia. You introduce golf to an audience that may not have known about it previously or to one that is eager to play the game.

Although it’s probably safe to say that Rahm made these remarks from a positive place, they have drawn attention online, as some DP World Tour fans have understandably found the statement to be controversial.

The European circuit visits many countries worldwide, including Australia, South Africa, India, Japan, Mauritius, and many more, as you can see from a cursory glance at the DP World Tour schedule.

It’s also important to note that six of LIV’s eight remaining regular season events are in America, Spain, or England—none of which have had a shortage of live golf in recent memory.

Rahm’s aspirations to “grow the game” seem admirable at first, but it hasn’t taken long for others to disparage his remarks online; one person even went so far as to label the statement as “insulting.”

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