After his peers met with the chairman of LIV Golf in the Bahamas, Xander Schauffele, a pro on the PGA Tour, offered his opinion on a controversial subject.

It’s no secret that during the course of the previous two years, Xander Schauffele seriously considered joining LIV Golf.

Given the instant wealth that the breakaway tour offers, who can blame him?

Nevertheless, Schauffele eventually replied “no” and continues to take a “neutral” stance on the matter.

Before this week’s Valspar Championship, Schauffele was questioned about the possibility of League of Legends players joining the team again if they so choose.

It looks like most PGA Tour players don’t mind if LIV players start playing on their circuit once more from the outside looking in.

However, some believe that there ought to be a monetary fine. Some people don’t.

Peter Malnati, the player director, went so far as to declare following the Players Championship that no player returning from LIV will receive stock in the newly established PGA Tour Enterprises.

Malnati declared, “Guys who broke our rules aren’t ever going to be eligible for that.” That is significant. That really is a huge deal.

“Therefore, I believe that if we do find a way for the guys to return, there will definitely be protections in place to protect the Tour members who stayed.”

In response to a reporter’s question, Schauffele said, “However you look at it, would you, in your position, be annoyed at someone from LIV who was able to come back and keep all the money that you turned down or chose not to take?”

In response, he said, “If we’re going to run that kind of scheme on your question here, I think that goes into the accept boat for me.

“I have to accept whatever choice I was going to make, long ago, about the money thing, the move, their return, and other things that you brought up.

I don’t regret anything I’ve done or am doing, so I’m happy with where I am right now and would have made a different decision if I could have. As a result, I sleep soundly at night knowing where I stand.

On the same day that Tiger Woods and other player directors, including the aforementioned Malnati, met with LIV chairman and PIF governor Yasir Al-Rumayyan, Schauffele was giving a press conference.

Although the specifics of that covert gathering in the Bahamas remain undisclosed, PGA Tour CEO Jay Monahan stated that “constructive” discussions took place.

When asked what he believed the future held, Schauffele gave his opinion. From his perspective, history indicates that the sport will reunite.

He remarked, “I think we would all be playing together again.”

“I believe that would be what golfers would want, what TV viewers would want, and golf would probably be better off that way overall.

“They have always reassembled after suffering fractures, just like all sports. I shall therefore simply err on the side of history.”

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