After hearing that he is probably the best player since Tiger Woods, PGA Tour star Scottie Scheffler had the following to say.

The world’s top player, Scottie Scheffler, shared a hilarious fan interaction from Riviera that showed how it’s still far too early to draw comparisons with Tiger Woods.

Last weekend, Scheffler made history by being the first player to defend The Players Championship.

Overcoming a neck injury, the American fired back to win the championship by one stroke at TPC Sawgrass with a blazing, bogey-free final round of 64.

The 27-year-old had won decisively at Bay Hill, and this was his second win in as many weeks.

Two years after his breakthrough win in Phoenix, Scheffler has hardly slowed down.

Scheffler has won nine times and missed just three cuts since January 1, 2022. He has now won more than $50,000,000 on the PGA Tour.

Scheffler’s imperious form naturally leads one to draw comparisons with Mr. Woods.

Scheffler is naturally honored to be compared to the legendary 48-year-old.

However, he provided a hilarious and sobering explanation for why we should maybe stop making the comparisons.

“Obviously like a lot of younger players of your generation guys idolized Tiger,” a reporter questioned Scheffler. “You’ve spoken about it before. Was there ever a part of you that fantasized about doing what you’re doing now with the same level of dominance as Tiger had?

“I am aware that he has clearly won a great deal more, but you are currently on a path. The outcomes are clear, and I’m wondering if you agree with that.

Scheffler answered, “I think that’s a funny question.”

“We’re playing at Riv this year, and I hit my tee ball and this guy yells out, like, ‘Congrats on being No. 1 Scottie,'” he continued. “I’m not going to remember the exact numbers.” There are 11 years left. There are 11 years left.

This was obviously a reference to the fact that Woods held the world’s top golf ranking in both August 1999 and September 2004 as well as June 2005 and October 2010.

That’s 281 weeks that Woods spent at the top of men’s professional golf, if your math isn’t too great.

Since Tiger Woods, is Scottie Scheffler the greatest player?

“I think it’s really special when you can be compared to Tiger, but in our game, I think he stands alone,” Scheffler continued.

“He does, in fact. I’ve now won eight tournaments here, and in Players Championships, I’ve tied him. Apart from that, I still have to catch up on about 70 PGA Tour events and 14 more majors.

Thus, I believe I’ll stick to my schedule, plot, and make an effort to maintain as much equilibrium as possible.

“We all look up to Tiger. He has been our go-to person. It’s crazy to watch what he did at pivotal moments throughout the years.

Just by being around him, I’ve picked up a lot of knowledge. We’re just grateful that he continues to participate in our sport.”

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