Brian Harman, the Open champion, infuriated many PGA Tour spectators at The Players Championship with his antics.

The duration Brian Harman takes to hit the ball at this week’s Players Championship has angered golf fans. Harman is the defending Open champion.

The 37-year-old Harman has recently faced harsh criticism for how many waggles he takes over the ball.

Harman’s slow shot-hitting pace at the Sony Open in January recently irritated PGA Tour spectators.

His actions while etching his name on the Claret Jug at The Open last July also irked a lot of people.

Harman resembles Sergio Garcia from back in the day in the way he waddles over the ball.

Time travel to this past weekend at The Players Championship, where Harman showed off his old tricks once more as he shot a third-round 64 to move two shots behind Xander Schauffele and into contention.

A frustrated viewer uploaded a video of Harman ultimately making a chip shot during The Players Championship third round at storied TPC Sawgrass.

After a few practice swings, Harman added thirteen waggles before attempting his chip shot.

“Exhibit A of why the Tour can’t finish rounds even after the time change,” tweeted a fan.

Here’s how others reacted to the clip:

“This surpasses the lowest point of Sergio Garcia.”
“I can’t watch him, but I like the guy.”
“Hit the damn ball, please.”
“Whoa, it hurts to watch this.”
“It resembles seeing a root canal.”
“Damn, I’m OCD, but yeah.”
“That is absurd.”
Usually, there are 12–14 waggles. hurtful.”
“Is there anyone else who is experiencing anxiety while watching this?!”

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