July 23, 2024

Jessica Hadwin, the wife of Adam Hadwin, witnessed her husband’s epic meltdown during the opening day of the Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass and had the ideal response.

Jessica, the wife of Adam Hadwin, gave her husband’s epic tantrum on the first day of the 2024 Players Championship a 10/10 rating.

Let us quickly enlighten you in case you have no idea what we are talking about at all.

PGA Tour professional Hadwin was competing in the main event on day one. He had one win under his belt and $21,830,407 in earnings.

The Canadian, who had never found the water at the 17th or 18th holes, was on a fairly good run at the legendary venue.

Hadwin undoubtedly had a crazy few minutes that ended with one of the greatest club tosses we have ever witnessed.

With his score at even par, Hadwin reached the storied 17th hole after making a birdie on the 16th.

He played the hole in competition 29 times, but each time he came up well short and found the water.

And a few moments afterward, Hadwin’s situation deteriorated even further.

After his tee shot nearly found the water, he tried an attempt at a fairly daring shot that didn’t work out. Aqua. Once more.

Next, he threw his club into the beverage. Golf clubs occasionally just have to pass away.

And of course, Jessica was on hand to respond:

Jessica Hadwin
I have witnessed the relevant moment. If I were to focus only on the toss’s appearance, well. 10out of 10

In the end, Hadwin turned in a scorecard with a 3-over 75, so he’ll need to work extra hard to make the weekend.

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