LIV Golf stars slammed for ‘s***’ attitude towards PGA Tour after Scottie Scheffler comments

LIV golfers are coming under fire for their attitude toward the Tour as the PGA Tour and Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund continue to negotiate.

Even though a settlement between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf is slowly approaching, the persistent differences between players in men’s professional golf do not appear to be getting better.

The PGA Tour commissioner, Jay Monahan, stated on Tuesday that although the process “is complicated and will take time,” talks regarding the “framework agreement” between the Tour and the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund, the group that supports LIV Golf, are progressing more quickly. Fans and players alike are becoming restless as there appears to be no end in sight to the discussions.

Rory McIlroy stated on Wednesday, “I want the train to speed up so we can get this thing over and done with.” “It’s important for all of us to try to move on and get the team back together.”

But it’s unlikely that reuniting the team will be as easy as agreeing to a merger agreement. Professional golfers who left the PGA Tour to play for LIV Golf and those who remained there are still at odds, and this conflict will take some time to resolve.

When questioned about why fans were upset about the men’s golf divisions’ constant splits, Scottie Scheffler shifted the blame to individuals who pursued higher salaries at the league supported by Saudi Arabia. Scheffler stated on Tuesday, “If the fans are upset, then look at the guys that left.” “We went on a tour together, and the people who departed are no longer with us. Eventually, that’s where the splintering originates.

Meanwhile, veteran Mike Lorenzo-Vera took aim at defectors who made disparaging remarks about the PGA Tour. “What bothers me is the people who spit on the Tour, which has provided them with an enormous amount of money for years,” he stated to bunkered.

Lorenzo-Vera specifically targeted Sergio Garcia, who plans to pay fines totaling almost £1 million in order to rejoin the DP World Tour. Soon after signing with LIV, the outspoken Spaniard attacked golfers in the locker room for not defecting and threatened to sue the Tour in a foul-mouthed tirade at the BMW International.

“In Munich, Sergio was awful,” Lorenzo-Vera remarked. He’s always been wonderful to me, but I couldn’t understand and didn’t get his attitude. There must have been an ego injury. the impression that the tour they claim to have built hasn’t been completed and that you can’t play in the Ryder Cup.

“On this topic, the attitude has been proper s***, but I’m very grateful to those who gave me a lot of advice in my career. even though they believed they were correct. Though I’m sure there were issues between them and the Tour, you guys are getting paid £50 million to play golf. Simply say “thank you” to everyone and leave.

The 39-year-old quickly dispelled the notion that he is only angry that he isn’t earning as much as those at LIV, as will undoubtedly be believed by some.

“A lot of people will tell you that you’re jealous. Why do I feel envious? Lorenzo-Vera enquired. “There is no doubt that he is the one who deserved all the money. I had the option to request an invitation to the inaugural [LIV Golf event]. Both the finished product and the method of execution didn’t appeal to me.

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