July 23, 2024

Golfers who switched to Liv Golf were singled out by Scottie Scheffler, who blamed them for the disorderly state of the game at the moment.

In the midst of the ongoing hostilities and divisions in men’s professional golf, Scottie Scheffler has blamed those who have joined LIV Golf for the hostile environment.

Commissioner of the PGA Tour Jay Monahan acknowledged in a rare public statement that fans were growing weary of the incessant attention that politics, money, and resource allocation were receiving. Monahan acknowledged the fans’ desire to see the best players in the world compete in well-known and cherished locations as long as talks between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf continue without a conclusion in sight.

Scheffler was quick to point the finger at others when asked about the growing discontent among golfers with the state of the game today.

Before last year’s Players Championship, which he won, Scheffler declared with confidence, “If the fans are unhappy, then they should look at those who have departed.” “Those who departed from our united tour are no longer a part of it. That is ultimately the source of the division. Regarding our tour, our main priority is providing the fans with the best possible experience.

Scheffler understands why some players decide to leave the PGA Tour in order to pursue financial gain, but he is unaffected by the large contracts that LIV Golf offers its elite players.

“It’s the players’ decision to pursue the money elsewhere,” he said. I promise not to dissuade anyone from going after millions. So be it if they think it’s the best course of action for them. I will not compel anyone to continue with our tour. I personally don’t care about their choices because I’m dedicated to the expansion of our tour.

Despite the fact that the December 31 deadline for a merger agreement was missed, Monahan stressed that steps are being taken in the right direction towards a positive outcome. Conversely, LIV Golf has given up on getting its players listed in the Official World Golf Ranking. The current top player, Scheffler, expressed worries that some players’ absences would cause the ranking system to be “skewed.”

Scheffler mentioned that some players aren’t getting any ranking points. “Players’ on-course performance, particularly in terms of strokes gained, somewhat declined when they joined LIV. Even though I think the world rankings are generally accurate, some players are undoubtedly left out of the picture.

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