It was evident that PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan was not happy to be questioned regarding Jon Rahm’s LIV Golf transfer before the Players.

It was evident that PGA Tour boss Jay Monahan was not too happy to be questioned regarding Jon Rahm’s decision to defect to LIV Golf before the Players.

On March 12, Monahan held a media conference prior to the historic 50th running of the competition at TPC Sawgrass.

Monahan talked for more than fifty minutes on a variety of subjects, and his most significant assertion was predictable.

According to Monahan, the Tour is “accelerating” its talks with the Saudi Arabian PIF to ratify the framework agreement from last June.

Not surprisingly, the head of the PGA Tour would not comment on specifics. Furthermore, he was reluctant to bring up Rahm.

or the topic of how the Tour would handle players from League of Legends returning if they so desired.

In December of last year, Rahm moved to LIV for an alleged $500 million, and at the same time, the Tour began talks with private equity investors in the US.

Many saw the action as PIF officials letting the Tour know they are here to stay.

When he made his move, Jordan Spieth said, “It’s a nice play by them.”

Since then, Rahm has acknowledged that it was simpler for him to accept the money because the Tour had initiated talks with the PIF.

Furthermore, there have been suggestions that during the conflict with LIV, he lost trust in the Tour’s leadership.

“It’s obvious that Jon Rahm lost faith in some way,” a reporter questioned Monahan. How did you respond?

“Since he departed, we have not spoken with you. The current Masters champion and one of the top three players in the world makes the decision to quit.

“And while this negotiation is still going on, do you anticipate more top talent being poached?

“I’m focused on every single member of the PGA Tour,” Monahan retorted. This week, my attention is on the Players Championship. My attention is on the fantastic season we have ahead of us. We have made great strides with the SSG agreement, which has allowed us to invest in our fans and our Tour again. I will concentrate on the things that I can control, which is the organization, the board, and the leadership team.

“Are you concerned that more players are leaving while the negotiations are ongoing?” was the question posed to Monahan.

Which obviously didn’t make Monahan very happy.

“I just answered your question about what my focus is,” he curtly replied.

Monahan refrained from speculating on what might happen in men’s professional golf should a deal with the PIF fall through before leaving his yearly news conference.

“If a deal isn’t done, then I suppose I’ll respond to that question,” he said.

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