July 23, 2024

Veteran of the PGA Tour Steve Stricker has stated that he is aware that some LIV players are itching to get back on the tour.

Steve Stricker claims that those connected to the LIV Golf setup hope to return to the PGA Tour.

LIV Golf has been successful in luring some of the biggest names on the PGA Tour to compete in its league since its founding in 2022.

A number of athletes have defected for large salaries, including Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, and most recently, Jon Rahm.

In light of the impending merger of the Saudi Public Investment Fund and the PGA Tour, a reconciliation proposal does seem to be in the works despite their departure.

Since the announcement of the deal by PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan, which shocked the golf world, negotiations for the merger have been ongoing for more than a year.

The agreement was supposed to be finalized by December 2023, but talks have extended into 2024, with April being the new completion date.

A portion of the agreement between the PIF and the PGA Tour is anticipated to create avenues for LIV golfers to reenter the elite North American circuit, thereby bringing the top players in the world back together under one roof.

Twelve-time PGA Tour winner Stricker has stated he knows a few players who are eager to get back into PGA Tour action, even though the reconciliation between them is still up in the air.

During the Cologuard Classic last week, he addressed the media and stated:

“Some of the guys from the LIV tour want to come back and play on the regular tour,” I said, knowing them personally.

It’s kind of a wait-and-see situation, especially for those of us out here, as I am certain of that.”
In spite of Stricker’s optimism, a number of prominent breakaway players have previously voiced their thoughts on the subject and stated they have no intention of going back.

Phil Mickelson tweeted after the PIF and PGA Tour announced their framework agreement for a merger:

“Every player on LIV has no desire to compete on the PGA Tour. To discredit all of us, it would necessitate a public apology and compensation to LIV players for their millions of dollars in influence over the media. Future penalties for the numerous players who now visit LIV would be a more interesting topic.

Dustin Johnson, the captain of the 4Aces, expressed similar sentiments at LIV Valderrama the previous year.

The two-time major winner declared:

“I’m content right now, and I’m not looking to play golf any more than I do right now, that much is certain.”

It would seem likely that routes between the two Tours would be opened up if an agreement were reached between the PIF and PGA Tour.

Undoubtedly, a reunion would be ideal for golf enthusiasts everywhere. But some of the best players on the PGA Tour have already stated that those who defected would have to face some kind of penalty.

Justin Thomas expressed his opinions on the matter to the media during the WM Phoenix Open.

He said:
“I believe that there are a few players on LIV who could improve the tour, but I firmly disagree that they ought to have such easy access to return.”Many of us, in my opinion, have made very difficult decisions and sacrificed things in order to be true to ourselves, to what we believe in, or simply because we couldn’t make that choice. I completely understand that things are changing and things are improving, but it would still be difficult for me and I believe many other guys would find it difficult. I’m sure we don’t need to explain to you why we would find it difficult.” Scottie Scheffler and Rickie Fowler both share his reluctance to provide LIV players with a simple path back to the PGA Tour.

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