July 23, 2024

Anthony Kim, 38, shocked everyone by making a surprise comeback to the professional ranks earlier this month when he signed with LIV Golf. Currently, he is focusing on the Asian Tour.

Even though Anthony Kim played his best round of golf since making his comeback at LIV Hong Kong on Sunday, he is remaining grounded.

In the final round at Hong Kong Golf Club, Kim showed glimpses of his past self, finishing with an impressive five-under-par 65 after making seven birdies. The American, who has shown a lot of rust since returning to LIV Golf after a 12-year absence, put on a much-needed performance.

Kim’s long absence from the game obviously took a toll, as he finished the week at 16 over par in Jeddah, where he made his debut. In Hong Kong, he performed similarly in rounds one and two.

Even though he looked back to his best during Sunday’s final round, Kim is still taking things one step at a time with his development.

He remarked, “It’s just one round of golf,” following his 65. “But I executed my game correctly. I didn’t take any noteworthy actions. I simply performed as if I were an expert. The results were as expected.

“For the past two months, I simply continued working on what I was working on. It’s evident that being away from the game for such a long time has made it difficult for me to practice and gather the necessary materials for the tournament, but right now I’m focusing on the appropriate things.”

Kim entered this week’s International Series event in Macau over on the Asian Tour, but he is now focusing elsewhere after making two starts on the Saudi-backed circuit. The 38-year-old will compete in his first world ranking-sanctioned event in 12 years after not making an appearance on the Asian circuit since 2011.

“I had a great time playing on the Asian Tour in the past,” the former PGA Tour player said, looking forward to the trip to Macau. It has taken a long time and been a dream these past few weeks. I am excited to improve my skills and return to the field.

After the league’s fields were expanded to 54 players, Kim took up the open wildcard spot on the roster and will play the remainder of the 2024 season with the LIV setup. Even though it seems like he will need some time to catch up to his competitors, he has so far benefited from the opportunity.

“I’m just thankful and I’m enjoying my time with my family,” he said on Sunday in Hong Kong after playing LIV Golf. “I’m incredibly pleased. Having spent the last ten, twelve years in my previous location, I am merely appreciative of this chance. I feel fortunate with every step I take, and regardless of what I shoot, I feel like I have won.

“I never thought those words would come out of my mouth but I am trying to play this game with a lot of gratitude and live my life the same way.”

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