Lewis Hamilton wades into Verstappen-Christian Horner row – “Definitely not helpful”

Jos Verstappen, Max Verstappen’s father, has questioned Christian Horner’s role at Red Bull, even though the longtime team principal was cleared following an inquiry into claims of inappropriate behavior.

Jos Verstappen has drawn criticism from Lewis Hamilton for openly doubting Christian Horner, the head of the Red Bull team.

The father of Red Bull athlete and three-time world champion Max, former Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen, has questioned Horner’s standing despite the team manager’s acquittal following an inquiry into claims of improper behavior toward a female employee. Prior to the Bahrain Grand Prix, which kicks off the F1 season this coming week, Horner’s alleged private messages and photos were leaked to the paddock. Horner has since vigorously denied the allegations and maintained his innocence.

Max Verstappen and teammate Sergio Perez led Red Bull to a one-two finish, but Verstappen Sr. stated that the team is “in danger of being torn apart.” Jos continued, “It can’t go on the way it is,” in an interview with the Mail. It’s going to blow up. Even though he is the one creating the issues, he is acting the victim.”

Before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix on Saturday, Mercedes driver Hamilton was asked to comment on the ongoing controversy surrounding the sport. “I’m not familiar with the specifics of it,” Hamilton, 39, answered.

I’m not sure what he’s using as a basis for these foundations, then. Ultimately, though, he is a parent and not a member of the team. That’s just an opinion, though, and it’s unhelpful nonetheless.”

The seven-time world champion from Britain continued by talking about the broader effects of parent-driver relationships in Formula One. Hamilton continued, “It is a very thin line to walk.” It also depends, in my opinion, on how well you get along with your parents.

“Some people you meet have wonderful relationships with their parents and have been wonderful parents, and then there are others who have had unhappy relationships. And it’s not always the case that their parents have treated them well. Thus, I am unaware of his [Verstappen’s]

“Of course, occasionally you hear things. However, Max is an adult and a champion, so I have no doubt that he is capable of making his own choices. However, I believe that in today’s world, it’s incredibly simple for people to whisper in your ear and lead you in the wrong direction when you’re a driver. It’s not that I’m saying that there, because they’re

“However, I’ve seen and heard from other athletes that play sports, like tennis, that when you don’t always have the right support system around you, you can end up making poor choices or perhaps not being the best at what you do.

“However, that is plainly not the case there; he is operating effectively. It is really challenging because you want your parent to be your parent and to be in a positive relationship with you. But when business is involved, things become much more challenging.”

When asked if Jos would later regret his remarks regarding Horner’s future, Max stood up for his father. “My dad is very outspoken and he is not a liar, that is for sure,” the Dutchman replied, adding that he had not been asked that question. “I’m really close to my dad. We give daily calls.”

Practice ahead of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix begins at 1:30pm on Thursday, with the main event set to take place at 5pm this Saturday.

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