Jon Rahm ruthlessly names worst celebrity golfer – “too strong to play golf”

Jon Rahm has played with a number of celebrities out on the golf course during his career, but named one American Football star as the worst A-lister to tee it up

Former NFL player J.J. Watt was cruelly named by Masters champion Jon Rahm as the worst famous golfer he has ever played with on the course.

Throughout his career as a professional, Rahm has encountered a wide range of A-list amateurs; notable figures have appeared in Pro-Am events on the PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and LIV Golf. Despite having competed on all three circuits, Rahm pointed out that Watt is the only famous person whose golf game is subpar.

“God I love him to death, but celebrity status, his golf game is not there,” the Spanish star said on the Eli Manning Show. J.J. Watt must be the one. Yes, I apologize; I really do adore the guy.”

Rahm explained his decision-making process by saying, “I tell him all the time he is too strong! It is not possible to play golf and be that large and powerful.” As expected, the former Houston Texans player responded to a video of Rahm’s remarks with a “what the f***” meme. He had some thoughts about the new label that had been given to him.

The very afternoon of the Spaniard’s lighthearted criticism, he had played golf, so he thought his game would speak for him. However, despite an impressive start, things did not go as planned. Watt tweeted: “After two holes, I was ready to post the scorecard in response to Jon’s ‘worst celebrity golfer’ video.” Watt shared a picture of his scorecard, which included a birdie at the first hole.

“After that, it briefly collapsed. Then it sort of returned. Two avian Two Pars Two bogeymen Two Pairs One Triple Just your typical scorecard, nothing special.” Rahm and Watt participated in a Pro-Am at the 2023 Waste Management Phoenix Open while Rahm was a member of the PGA Tour. But Rahm switched to the LIV setup last December, so he now plays golf with that setup.

The European Ryder Cup star lost his right to compete on the PGA Tour, but he still signed a record-breaking contract worth an estimated £450 million. Rahm’s decision to join the league supported by Saudi Arabia dominated the golf world in the off-season, making the Spaniard LIV’s biggest signing to date.

Watt weighed in X after seeing the alleged figures on offer to his close friend because it was unclear in the weeks preceding the move whether the rumors about his future were accurate. “If this figure (£450 million) was accurate,” the former NFL player wrote on Twitter in November.

“I would have personally driven to Jon’s house and used a great deal of physical force to get him to sign that deal.” Days later, Watt reiterated his position on the Pat McAfee Show: “I tweeted that if it were for $600 million, I would have been the first one at his front door, physically forcing him to sign it. Whoever claims they wouldn’t do that would only do so if you refused to accept $600 million. I’m not sure about that.

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