Xander Schauffele and Patrick Cantlay were accused of playing too slowly in the final round of the PGA Tour’s Genesis Invitational.

A lot of golf fans seemed to be offended by Patrick Cantlay and Xander Schauffele’s play pace in the Genesis Invitational final round.

Despite being the last pairing at Tiger Woods’ PGA Tour event, the pair lost a lot of ground early on Sunday.

Having only played seven holes, Cantlay and Schauffele were a full hole behind.

Jim Nantz even made this observation during the CBS broadcast: “It’s early in the round. These two [final] pairings have a noticeable difference.

“Is that why that is the case?”

Many of the viewers on X were quick to point out that there was only one explanation.

“Are there any fans of Patrick Cantlay?” inquired one person. Those who just like to play slowly and tiresomely?”

“I really think that Patrick Cantlay’s slow play cost Brooks Koepka a green jacket and I will not be convinced otherwise,” said another commenter.

Some believed Schauffele to be the issue.

One user commented, “Xander is noticeably slower over his putts, but Cantlay gets a bad rep.”

It should be mentioned that Luke List, who shot an impressive 6-under-30 at Riviera, was in the penultimate group.

Throughout his first six holes, he had as many as five (!) threes on his card.

Earlier in the week, GolfMagic revealed that List was putting like a man possessed.

Regarding Cantlay, he has previously dealt with issues related to play speed.

Jim Nantz: “The round is still early. These two [final] pairings have a noticeable difference. Is there a cause behind that?”

Um, I can think of one.

Remarkably, in the 2023 Masters final round, Brooks Koepka called him out.

Cantlay asserted that he was also waiting at Augusta National.

“We finished the first hole, and when we walked up to the second tee, the group ahead of us was there, and we waited on pretty much every shot of the day,” he said afterwards.

“We waited on the fifteenth and eighteenth fairways. It must have been slow for everyone.

The final pairing, which consists of Patrick Cantlay and Xander Schauffele, is currently one hole behind the penultimate pairing.

Now on No. 5 fairway, with the group in front of you teeing off on 7

Cantlay added that a golfer’s pace is greatly influenced by setups and the weather.

For instance, only one thing will occur if your pin positions are difficult.

“It will simply take longer and longer to hole out when you play a golf course like Augusta National where every hole location is on a lot of slope and the greens are really fast,” the man stated.

“I believe that could have contributed to some of the slow play on Sunday. In addition, guys tend to take longer when the wind is gusting and blowing irregularly.

“I believe that’s just the way professional golf is, where every putt counts, so much.

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