July 23, 2024

PGA Tour staff members were informed that there would be no more old footage of Tiger Woods wearing Nike apparel posted on tournament social media platforms.

At the Genesis Invitational, Tiger Woods made his first official PGA Tour start in several months.

It was the first time we had seen Woods on the course in 27 years wearing apparel other than Nike, in case you had somehow missed the news.

Wearing Sun Day Red, Woods played 24½ holes at Riviera Country Club. He also has some new golf shoes, incidentally.

It was notable that Woods also decided to give up the iconic TW logo, which he had worn since winning the Tiger Slam in 2000.

Before teeing it up on Thursday, Woods told a reporter, quite matter-of-factly, that he no longer wanted the logo, saying, “I’ve moved on.”

Additionally, a report released this week by Kevin Van Valkenburg of NLU shows how desperate Woods is to break his association with Nike.

To the extent that before the Genesis, PGA Tour employees allegedly received instructions to limit the amount of images and videos they could post on tournament channels to only those of Woods wearing his Sun Day Red attire.

Van Valkenburg reported:

“He’s going through a change. He is not interested in nostalgia because he has moved on. This week, an internal memo on the PGA Tour instructed staff members not to post any old footage of Woods wearing Nike apparel on tournament social media platforms. From now on, he must always be seen wearing Sun Day Red in photos.”

The legendary golfer’s most recent PGA Tour comeback ended in tragedy for Woods.

He pulled out of the yearly competition he hosts after hitting his tee shot on the seventh hole in the second round.

He was driven off in a golf cart while appearing to be in obvious pain. When paramedics were called, his supporters assumed the worst.

However, Woods left the property shortly after. It was then determined by his management team that he had flu-like symptoms.

The clubhouse did not have any IVs, so that’s why the paramedics were called. Woods also reported feeling lightheaded.

It is expected that The Classic at Palm Beaches or the highly sought-after Players Championship will be his next stop.

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