Tiger Woods withdraws from PGA Tour comeback tournament and carted off course

At the Genesis Invitational, Tiger Woods attempted to return to the PGA Tour, but he was carted off the course halfway through the round, forcing him to withdraw on Day Two.

Due to Tiger Woods’ unavoidable withdrawal in the second round, his comeback tournament came to an early end.

At the Genesis Invitational, Woods was having trouble on Day Two and was towed off the course in a cart before he withdrew from the competition. The 15-time major winner was reportedly ill, according to Sky Sports.

When he made the decision to withdraw, he was two over for the tournament and one over par for the day after six holes. His weekend ended earlier than expected, raising immediate concerns that it might have something to do with the back and ankle injuries he is currently dealing with at this point in his career.

He concluded his round on the first day with an unusual shank on the 18th hole, and he later acknowledged that he was experiencing back spasms at the time.

Woods responded, “Oh, definitely, I shanked it.” “Well, I was locking up and having back spasms for the last couple of holes. I presented [the] hosel first and shanked it after I got down and it remained motionless.”

Fans of the American legend will be relieved to hear his team insist that illness, not injury, was the reason for his withdrawal, as he was observed stretching and staying loose on course early in his round on Friday.

Woods had five birdies and six bogeys in a very uneventful round on Thursday. His first round in a PGA Tour competition since pulling out of The Masters last year, he described it as “a lot of good and a lot of indifferent.”

Woods stated, “It was one or the other.” “I don’t remember having many pars; it wasn’t a lot. I just never really got anything going today; I was either making birdies or bogeys.

“I had trouble keeping up with the greens’ speed. Even though I made a couple today, I was still shocked by how quickly they went. I ran a lot by the hole today, and it was really nerve-wracking. However, the golf course is in such excellent condition. It’s quite amazing that the golf course opened this quickly given the amount of rain they’ve had.”

In December, Woods placed eighteenth out of twenty competitors in the Hero World Challenge. In addition to returning to the PGA Tour and making his fashion line debut with Sun Day Red, he had also participated in that unofficial tournament. He paid tribute to the ensemble he wore at the course back in 1992 when he made his PGA Tour debut on Friday.

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