July 23, 2024

Laurie Canter was granted the chance to participate in the LIV Golf circuit, and the decision was made even more enjoyable by the opportunity to collaborate with some of the biggest names in Europe.

After deciding to join the breakaway league, LIV Golf star Laurie Canter has praised the influence Ian Poulter, Henrik Stenson, and Lee Westwood have had on his career.

Canter, along with Westwood and Poulter, participated in the league’s inaugural event at Centurion in June 2022, making him one of the league’s founding members. Furthermore, the Englishman was able to establish close relationships with his fellow citizens after being enlisted by the two as a part of the Majesticks scheme.

Canter was given the opportunity to return as an injury replacement midway through the 2023 season, replacing Sam Horsfield alongside co-captains Westwood, Poulter, and Stenson, despite not being able to secure a spot on the roster for the following season. Additionally, he made appearances as a wild card in the first two events of this season.

For Canter, the chance to collaborate with three legendary players in European golf was too good to pass up. According to the 34-year-old, who spoke to Mirror Sport, “It has been the best golf experience of my life.” Although I haven’t played professionally on a team, I have actually played with guys who are my heroes since the middle of 2022.”

The Majesticks had a difficult 2023 season because they were the only team to finish season two without placing on a LIV Golf podium. Canter feels that having some of Europe’s best players at his disposal has only improved his own game, even in spite of the lack of team form.

“I believe that everyone would analyze the data and make judgments, but I believe that my game has advanced significantly as a result of my experience,” Canter continued. “Being around them and realizing that I can accomplish everything they can, in a broader sense, reinforces the belief and resolve you already possess.

“We’ve had some enjoyable conversations. He took me out to dinner at the end of the previous year, and over a few glasses of wine, I believe he gave me his assessment of my abilities and areas for improvement based only on what he had noticed in me. It was wonderful of him to do that.

It was interesting to inquire about iron play with Henrik. Among the greatest iron players our country has ever produced is him. Then, in between events in the middle of the year, I spent two weeks staying with Poulter. I was able to practice and watch how he trained each day. They’ve all been so giving of their time, so I believe the advancements I’ve picked up I think I will see them come off over time.

“Now that I have gained so much confidence in my golf game, I know that I can compete with the world’s best players when I get those things right.” After showcasing his mettle against LIV’s biggest names by securing a wildcard spot for the first two events of 2024 in Mexico and Las Vegas, he went on to compete against the best in the world.

Canter placed as the next-best qualifier at LIV Golf Promotions in December of last year, earning him a call-back for two events. After attending the league’s Q-School in Abu Dhabi, the 34-year-old was gunning for a permanent spot on the roster, but he painfully lost out on a spot in a three-for-two playoff.

Despite his near-miss, the Englishman was obviously not going to lie down after finishing T15 in Mexico and T21 in Las Vegas, where he took home a little over £400,000. Canter’s focus will now return to the DP World Tour as he was able to maintain his membership in the Tour despite his allegiance to LIV because of a recent decline in the exemption categories.

Not so fortunate are his Majesticks teammates, as Poulter and company were forced to leave the Wentworth-based circuit in order to avoid receiving repeated punishment for competing in LIV events. Canter acknowledges that he abides by the rules set forth by the Tour, but he feels that European golf would suffer greatly without some of its biggest stars.

“It’s unfortunate for European golf,” he said. It is impossible to determine who is right or wrong; it all depends on your perspective of reality. It’s unfortunate, in my opinion, that the greatest European golfers—and even golfing legends—don’t play. It’s unfortunate that they don’t participate in the British Masters, Wentworth, or the European Tour; it’s not good. I can’t, however, speak for the Tour. Being a member means that I won’t disparage anyone. So be it if they believe that is what is best for the Tour.

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