July 23, 2024

When Jon Rahm moved to Saudi Arabia in December of last year, he became the marquee signing for LIV Golf, but the Spaniard has been cautioned not to sour relations with the PGA Tour.

Since Jon Rahm made the huge financial decision to join the Saudi-backed league for 2024, his Ryder Cup teammate Shane Lowry has cautioned the Spaniard not to’s***’ on other rival tours.

Rahm signed a record-breaking contract worth an estimated £450 million to leave the PGA Tour and join Greg Norman and company, making him LIV’s biggest coup to date. Without a doubt, since the initial wave of moves nearly two years ago, Rahm has not been subjected to the same criticism as some of his fellow LIV defectors.

Since it was revealed that the PGA Tour had started talks with the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF) to create a peace agreement, tensions within the professional golf community have slightly increased in recent months.

In a group chat, Rahm informed his Ryder Cup teammates of the news. Lowry supported the Spaniard to keep quiet, even though he didn’t disagree with the ruling. “We were all talking about it individually at the time because rumors were very popular,” Lowry said on the ForePlay Podcast.

Jon then informed us in a message he posted to the group. Some guys say whatever, and I told them to make that decision. However, avoid doing as some others did and going there to s**t on the tours.” The Irishman made the same appeal to Tyrrell Hatton, a European Ryder Cup star who recently joined Rahm, earlier this month.

Proceed there with grace and fulfill your obligations. And the same goes for Tyrrell [Hatton],” he went on. “I believe what Jon mentioned regarding expanding the game and other things is clearly what they have to say. They have made a signed agreement. The communications team has informed them that since they now own you, this is what you say in response to questions of this nature. In fact, you really have no other option.

In the days following his mega-money move, Rahm’s PGA Tour membership was suspended, just like that of his fellow LIV colleagues. It is anticipated that some sort of pathway for Rahm and company to regain their playing rights will be provided as part of the framework agreement between the Tour and PIF.

Following his departure in the latter part of the previous year, Rahm stated that he was eager to play on the PGA Tour, the DP World Tour, and LIV Golf at some point. The Legion XIII declared at the time, “I do want to maintain my PGA Tour and DPWT status; I will not give that up.”

“Hopefully, I’ll be able to play both of those tours with the freedom LIV offers me. If my schedule permits, there are specific PGA Tour events that I would like to participate in. If it’s feasible, I would like to see that through.

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