Fernando Alonso opens the door to replacing Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes

Fernando Alonso’s contract expires in 2025, when Mercedes is expected to start looking for a replacement for Lewis Hamilton. The Aston Martin driver is confident in his abilities.

When Mercedes looks to replace the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso acknowledges he is a “attractive” contender.

When the 2024 season ends, the Brit and the Silver Arrows will have parted ways after over ten years, with Hamilton joining Ferrari. Mercedes is now searching for a replacement for George Russell, and Alonso thinks he would be a very strong contender.

Alonso is among the select few men remaining on the grid who have won a world championship, along with Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Even though he hasn’t dominated the sport since 2006, he hasn’t stopped being good at Aston Martin. Although he acknowledges that sticking with his current employer is his top priority, the Spaniard is aware of his marketable qualities.

“I am aware of my situation, which is very unique,” he stated. I am in a good position because I am the only available world champion for 2025, and there are only three champions on the grid overall.

“Since moving to Mercedes, absolutely nothing has happened. Although I am aware that the driver market opened earlier this year, it won’t have an impact on how I prepare for the season. The first and only topic I will discuss at the outset if I decide to continue racing after this year is Aston Martin.

“I’ll put this project first because I trust it. However, I am aware that I am appealing to other teams if we are unable to come to an agreement. I’m not going to stick with Formula One for fun. That kind of person and that kind of driver are not me. Let’s examine your options.

Alonso, who is 42 years old, thinks that he still has it in him to be competitive at this age. He believes that his multiple podium finishes from the previous season prove this, and he may yet try for one last run.

“I used to think that 41 or 42 was the limit, but after last year, I saw that I was motivated and doing well, so I was thinking I could race for a few more years,” he continued. I have now performed better than expected in the physical tests this winter, so if I am committed and driven, I could race until 48, 49, or even 50.

Hamilton is expected to go to Ferrari in search of an eighth world championship, which would make him stand out in the annals of history. Mercedes has been unable to produce a race-winning package, and the British driver has not won a race since the 2021 season. In contrast, the Italian team has been able to challenge Red Bull.

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