July 23, 2024

This week, Red Bull GmbH, the F1 team’s parent company, announced an investigation into claims that Christian Horner, who disputes the accusations, engaged in inappropriate behavior.

Speaking about the claims of “inappropriate behavior” made against Red Bull Racing CEO Christian Horner, David Coulthard questioned the “overreaction” on social media to the investigation.

A female coworker made the accusation against Horner, the team principal. The parent company, which announced the investigation earlier this week, has taken the matter seriously.

Horner has vehemently refuted the accusations leveled against him. On Friday, he is scheduled to meet with Red Bull’s external investigator to address any queries regarding the case and provide his perspective.

In the opening segment of their most recent Formula For Success podcast, Coulthard and former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan talked about the circumstances. Obviously, they could not make any assumptions and endanger the investigation.

Coulthard, who competed for the team under Horner and is still an ambassador for Red Bull Racing, questioned the way that some individuals have responded to the news, though. He declared: “I’ve seen a lot of overreaction on social media, with people calling for Christian to be suspended and to resign, among other things.

“Nevertheless, everyone should always have a chance to state their case. In Christian’s case, I think that will take place on Friday. Regarding the other party, I am unaware of them. Thus, perhaps by next week, we’ll know more about that specific circumstance.”

Jordan concurred and answered, saying, “I support what you just said. Isn’t that the fundamental guideline? The case is completely sub judice until proven guilty. That being said, they absolutely must have a definitive decision on this by next week, as I’m sure you will agree David.

“Because if Christian was present and there was no response in any of these circumstances, it would be extremely difficult to see with a car launch. As you correctly point out, individuals are following suit and formulating their own theories, which you may refer to as conspiracy theories or whatever.

“I just want to let people know that it’s a story from the Red Bull headquarters nonetheless. This isn’t a tale from Red Bull Racing. You can therefore understand why the barrister was chosen: HR plays a critical role in both the group and the company, as well as in the values and methods of product delivery.”

Red Bull does, in fact, intend to have the issue settled in time for the season opener on Thursday, February 15. It is unlikely that Horner’s fate will be decided on Friday, though, as the investigator will likely take some time to review the evidence and then recommend a course of action to Red Bull early the following week.

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