F1 LIVE: Hamilton chaos caused by rival’s dad leaking news as Ferrari set to be torn apart

Lewis Hamilton dropped a bombshell on the F1 world this week after announcing his shock move to Ferrari.

Lewis Hamilton’s announcement earlier this week that he would be joining Ferrari shocked the Formula One world. For a few months, there had been no rumors that the British player would be joining the Italian team, but then it was revealed that an agreement had already been reached for him to start in 2025.

Mercedes CEO Toto Wolff may not have known himself for very long before the news spread around the world. As a result, the Brackley-based company called an urgent staff meeting to provide an update.

As per GP Blog, Motorsport.com claims that Carlos Sainz’s father leaked the news to the Spanish press, which is where the story first surfaced, causing all the chaos.

Charles Leclerc, who is regarded as Ferrari’s top driver above Sainz Jr., is the subject of much discussion regarding Hamilton’s impending move. That might all change, though, when the seven-time champion arrives, as former Formula One champion Jacques Villeneuve has forecasted that the team will be divided into two factions.

Hamilton arrival to cause ‘divide’ at Ferrari

Jacques Villeneuve predicts a significant split in the team’s performance following Lewis Hamilton’s arrival at Ferrari as they attempt to contend for the championship on two fronts.

When asked if Hamilton joining Ferrari gives Charles Leclerc cause for concern, Villeneuve responded, “He [Hamilton] comes the most successful ever, why should he be?” La Gazzetta dello Sport asked. Additionally, they gave him a lengthy contract to keep quiet before acquiring him. Well done; it’s now even more obvious.

He responded, “Exactly,” when asked if a great duel between Hamilton and Leclerc was in the works. Between the driver who is regarded as a champion by all, despite not having been able to prove it, and the man who has won seven World Championships.

At Maranello, two parties will emerge, as they have already done. It will be enjoyable, though. It will be formidable if we find the Lewis of the great days again, especially since he has nothing to lose. And having a Ferrari finish in style is the greatest thing ever.

How Hamilton news got ‘leaked’

The first to report that Lewis Hamilton had struck a shocking deal to join Ferrari was the Italian and Spanish press.

Before the shocking news surfaced earlier this week, there had been no indication that a deal was close to being finalized.

And now, according to GP Blog, the news was leaked by Carlos Sainz Sr., who is said to have a good rapport with multiple Spanish journalists.

Sainz Jr. was allegedly notified beforehand about Hamilton’s agreement, according to reports earlier this week, even though the Spaniard’s future is currently uncertain.

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