Rickie Fowler takes issue with Rory McIlroy’s plan to ‘welcome back’ LIV Golf defectors

This weekend marks the start of LIV Golf, and PGA players Rickie Fowler and Rory McIlroy have different ideas about how to get back from the breakaway tour for big-name players.

Rickie Fowler disagrees, saying there shouldn’t be a “direct road” back for LIV Golf defectors, even though Rory McIlroy has stated that punishing players would be “harsh.”

Up until recently, McIlroy, a PGA member, was among the harshest critics of the Saudi breakaway tour. However, he has now tempered his criticism of players who left the tour to pursue the enormous financial rewards that are on offer. According to McIlroy, “life is about choices.”

“Guys decided to stay here and go play League of Legends. Allow people who are still eligible for this tour to return if you want to try something or if they want to play again. I believe it’s difficult to punish people. I disagree that there ought to be a penalty.

“I’ve obviously changed my mind about that because I understand the state of golf and realize that it benefits no one when the PGA Tour, LIV Tour, or any other tour is diminished. For the benefit of the game, it would be far better to be together and advance as a team.

That’s what I think about it. I believe that golf will benefit greatly from our ability to reunite quickly, begin play, and establish the strongest fields possible.”

Fowler, McIlroy’s PGA rival, has asserted that individuals who departed for LIV ought not to have an easy route back to the PGA TOUR. They shouldn’t be free to come and go as they please, according to Fowler. Fowler remarked, “[I’m] probably not in the same spot as Rory.” “I believe he’s had a bit of a roller coaster ride, but maybe we started in a similar place.

“As far as choosing to leave and simply come back, I don’t think there’s a straight path [back to the Tour].” They made decisions, after all, and a solution is required. It doesn’t matter to me how big or small.”

Players have differing opinions, according to Jordan Spieth, who replaced McIlroy on the policy board following his resignation last year. In the previous few months, he said, “I’ve asked a lot of players and I’ve talked with a lot of players.”

That is Rory’s perspective. I could name guys who share my opinion and guys who have the exact opposite opinion.”

The LIV Golf season was supposed to begin at Mayakoba today, but there may be a postponement of the tournament due to a food poisoning outbreak. Floshing At least 20 players and caddies are said to have been sick both yesterday and overnight, according to the report.

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