July 23, 2024

Hailey Davidson won the NXXT Women’s Classic golf tournament and dreams of reaching the LPGA Tour but former USA Olympian Caitlyn Jenner has asked her to put a halt to her career

Caitlyn Jenner has urged transgender golfer Hailey Davidson to withdraw from female competition after winning a recent tournament.

Following her victory in the NXXT Women’s Classic in Florida, the Scottish golfer has gained international attention. To confirm their eligibility, Davidson will now undergo additional testosterone testing in addition to a survey of other tour players.

Currently trailing the LPGA’s lead is the NXXT Tour, a professional golf circuit based in the United States. Prior to transgender golfer Lana Lawless’s successful legal challenge in 2010, membership was only open to players who were “female at birth.” The ruling declared the policy to be discriminatory.

Jenner, who won an Olympic gold medal in Decathlon prior to her own transition, is convinced that Davidson has an unfair edge over rivals. She thinks the LPGA ought to consider bringing back the earlier regulations.

“Hailey Davidson must realize that golf is a game of integrity and withdraw from female competition,” Jenner stated in a post on DailyMail.com.

“Then the Ladies Professional Golf Association ought to do the same, grasp this opportunity to undo their serious error and revitalize one of the world’s oldest women’s professional sports associations.”

“Too many people today are afraid to speak out at all for fear of cancellation or retaliation,” she continued. Well, I’m not scared, and I sincerely believe that my viewpoint can cut through a lot of noise.”

Denying that he still has an unfair advantage, Davidson has promised to do whatever it takes to compete within the rules in the hopes of eventually earning a spot on the LPGA Tour.

They acknowledged, “I did have an unfair advantage a few years ago.” “I’ve spent the last nine years transitioning. I had surgery almost three years ago, and I’ve been on hormones for almost nine years. I can no longer swing at just over 50 miles per hour.”

Davidson told Sky, “Trans athletes shouldn’t be prohibited, but there also needs to be rules in place because it shouldn’t be a free for all.” “I believe that instead of shouting at one another and attaching hate to everything, society should just sit down and listen to one another on the many topics at hand. I believe we sometimes lose sight of the fact that people are also human.”

Stuart McKinnon, CEO of NXXT Golf, has said that following Davidson’s recent victory, they want to ensure that the competition’s integrity is not compromised. McKinnon said in a statement that they chose to have Davidson go through more testing in order to ensure that they are acting in “what’s best” for the players

According to Sky, McKinnon stated, “Assuring an environment that is inclusive and safe for all members is part of our commitment.” “We’ve started a survey among our tour players to get their thoughts on our gender policy in light of recent events. We think it’s critical to take into account the viewpoints of people who are directly impacted by these policies.

“In addition, we have asked Hailey Davidson to take additional testosterone tests to make sure she is following the right protocols in order to preserve the integrity of our standards.”

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