Tiger Woods dismissed by his golf idol as major chances assessed

Jack Nicklaus is golf’s most coveted major champion, and the 18-time winner is confident his record will never be broken by fellow great Tiger Woods.

Legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus thinks Tiger Woods, another great, will never match his major title record. During his incredible playing career, Nicklaus won eighteen major championships in golf, making him the game’s most successful major champion.

However, it was anticipated that Woods would surpass Golden Bear’s record given the American’s incredible 14 major victories in just 11 years, from 1997 to 2008. At thirty-one, Woods was only four major victories behind Nicklaus, and it appeared that at some point in his career, he would surpass the magical number of eighteen.

For the 82-time PGA Tour winner, however, things have not gone as planned. After winning the Masters in 2019, he had to wait an additional 11 years to add a 15th major. Woods’ struggles with injuries have played a major role in his lower win percentage in recent years.

This was only made worse in 2021 when the American was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles that left him with life-threatening injuries. Since then, Woods has only made six appearances on the PGA Tour; he withdrew from two of these tournaments because of health issues.

This, according to Nicklaus, prevented the 82-time Tour winner from surpassing his major record. In an interview with the Golf Channel, he acknowledged: “I believe he would have won if he had stayed healthy, but he didn’t stay healthy. I’m sorry for him.

Woods’ most recent setback came from an ankle injury that forced him to withdraw from the Masters last year after he had made the cut. This resulted in an eight-month layoff prior to his eventual comeback at the Hero World Challenge in December.

Although he is unlikely to play frequently, Woods acknowledged while competing in the Bahamas that he hoped to play at least once a month in 2024. When he hosts the Genesis Invitational at Riviera next month, it is anticipated that he will make a comeback.

How long Woods will play on the PGA Tour is still up in the air, but Nicklaus believes he will eventually make his way to the Champions Tour, where he will undoubtedly dominate. He said, “I believe Tiger will participate in the senior tour.” “He could get into a cart and kill everyone with absolute certainty.”

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