Tiger Woods shares emotional story about first Masters and man he’d ‘do anything’ for

Tiger Woods has become somewhat of an expert when it comes to Augusta National and the Masters, and the five-time winner has reminisced about his first ever trip down Magnolia Lane

Tiger Woods opened up about a 1995 encounter with LaCava and Fred Couples at his first-ever Masters Tournament, saying he would “do anything” for his former caddie.

Throughout his career, Woods has established himself as possibly the greatest golfer of all time, winning 82 PGA Tour titles, tying the record. LaCava, whom he hired in 2011 and who went on to win his fifth green jacket at the 2019 Masters, was with him for 11 of those.

However, the 15-time major champion cherished a special moment 24 years prior with his former caddie, who was then assisting 1992 Masters champion Couples.

When Woods was just 19 years old, he was still in the very early phases of his playing career and was very different from the celebrity he is today. In his first practice round at Augusta, Woods was understandably apprehensive about striking up a conversation with a PGA Tour legend in Couples. However, LaCava encouraged the then-teenager to do so.

“I played my first Masters practice round with Raymond [Lloyd] and Fred [Couples,” Woods recalled in an interview with Fore Play Golf. Since these guys are Masters champions and I am just a small amateur, I am anxious that we won’t be speaking. I’m not saying anything; I’m only 19.

“Joey [LaCava] tells me to go ask Raymond how to play this hole and talk to Fred about it, and she was pushing me to do it. Next, as we approach 18 holes, [LaCava] asks, “Why don’t you talk to Fred about the U.S. Open?” “I don’t want to get in the way of anyone,” I say.

After saying “hold on,” he walks up to Fred, who asks, “Hey, what are you doing at Shinnecock [1995 U.S. Open] on Tuesday?” after we finish. “I hope to be there, Mr. Couples, but I don’t know.” I uttered.

“Raymond and I are going to play a practice round at ten o’clock.” He continued, saying, “There is no way to communicate because this was before cell phones. I was left with no choice but to wait until April, May, and June and hope that they would show up and remember to schedule a practice round with a 19-year-old child! And then, presto, there they are.”

It was there that he cemented his relationship with Joey, he continued, referring to LaCava as the person who had assisted him in establishing the relationship. I would stop at nothing to help him, which is why we are so in lockstep.” 16 years later, Woods teamed up with LaCava, and the two parted ways in 2023.

Since then, LaCava has partnered with Patrick Cantlay. Notoriety was gained from an intense altercation with Rory McIlroy that transpired after the second round of the Ryder Cup in Rome last autumn.

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