July 23, 2024

With an emotional statement, Tiger Woods has announced that he is leaving Nike after 27 years. This is how the renowned sports company honored the occasion.

Tiger Woods and Nike have officially announced their 27-year separation, which has been the worst-kept secret in golf.

On January 8, the 15-time major champion shared an emotional 83-word statement on social media.

He wrote, “I had the good fortune to begin a partnership with one of the most recognizable brands in the world more than 27 years ago.”

“The days since have been filled with so many amazing moments and memories, I could go on forever if I started naming them,” Woods, 48, said.

“I want to personally thank Phil Knight for his vision and passion in bringing this Nike and Nike Golf partnership together. in addition to the amazing athletes and Nike staff I have had the pleasure of working with along the road.”

Additionally, Woods has all but confirmed that the Riviera in Los Angeles will be his next stop on the PGA Tour next month.

Although there are rumors that Woods will join On Running, they are currently just theories.

In December, there were rumors that Woods and Nike were going to separate.

The company announced on the podcast No Laying Up that it was closing its golf division altogether.

At the PNC Championship, Woods gave a brief response when asked about his future with Nike: “I’m still wearing their product.” We now understand.

Prior to the largest sports brand in the world leaving the market in 2017, Woods was a Nike user. In other words, Nike lost money.

As for Nike, the swoosh posted an eight-word statement paying tribute to Woods:

Did you know?

Woods signed for Nike when he was 20 years old in 1996.

He initially signed a five-year, $40m contract after winning his third, successive U.S. Amateur championship.

At the time, Nike founder Phil Knight said: “The world has not seen anything like what he’s going to do for the sport. It’s almost art. I wasn’t alive to see Claude Monet paint, but I am alive to see Tiger play, and that’s pretty great.”

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