July 23, 2024

After working for the athletic giant Nike for 27 years, Tiger Woods has formally parted ways with them. GolfMagic looks at the player’s potential outcomes.

Tiger Woods’s exit from the athletic giant felt inevitable when he looked irritated when asked about his future with Nike in December of last year.

It was a question of when, not if.

Now we have our answer and no longer will the iconic golfer be sporting the similarly iconic swoosh.

Woods, now 48 years old, has promised ‘another chapter’.

The big question is where?

GolfMagic has decided to take a look at some potential options for the big cat.

Let’s dive in.

Greyson Clothiers

Greyson appears to be a perfect fit for the brand, which counts fellow PGA Tour pro and 2022 U.S. Open champion Matthew Fitzpatrick, along with his good friend Justin Thomas, as ambassadors.

Charlie, Tiger’s teenage son, was also dressed in Greyson apparel when they made their previous PNC Championship appearance.

Charlie seemed to have inked a contract with Greyson, but the brand quickly removed a post supporting that claim.


FootJoy shoes were worn by the 15-time major champion when he made his comeback to the men’s professional golf scene following his vehicle accident at the 2022 Masters.

He claimed that although nothing materialized, Nike was working on creating a shoe that would be more stable for his gammy, fused right ankle, which is currently held together by screws.

His own brand

Other high-profile figures from the world of elite sport have found success in this bracket.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think Tiger could go it alone.

On Running

The running shoe and clothing brand has seen its popularity skyrocket in recent years. Tennis legend Roger Federer signed an equity deal with the company when he left Nike.


As pointed out by @TWLegion, the OEM has been recruiting a team for their new apparel division.

Malbon Golf

When Tiger announced he was leaving Nike, the company shared this on social media:

Jason Day, the former No. 1 in the world, left Nike during the summer and has since changed his appearance on the PGA Tour.

His baggy pants divided opinion at The Sentry.

Could we see Tiger rocking his early 2000s look once again?


Another luxury brand that had the aforementioned Fitzpatrick on their books before he split.

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