Phil Mickelson decides to take the high road with Rory McIlroy’s recent LIV comments

We have no idea what Phil Mickelson’s New Year’s resolutions are, or if he even made any at all. But if one of them happened to be “taking the high road,” Lefty is off to a flying start in 2024.

One of Mickelson’s harshest critics during the PGA Tour-LIV drama, Rory McIlroy, acknowledged on the Stick to Football podcast on Wednesday that he might have been too harsh on LIV defectors. In addition, he said that LIV has “exposed the flaws” of the PGA Tour and expressed surprise at the tour’s sustained success.

This was a startling shift in light of everything McIlroy has stated about LIV over the past several years. Additionally, it bears a striking resemblance to the initial position Mickelson adopted, for which he was initially vilified.

Therefore, one would assume that Mickelson would seize this excellent chance to dunk on McIlroy, who is well-known for yelling “F— you Phil!” during a “Full Swing” episode on Netflix. On the other hand,

“Let’s not use this as an opportunity to pile on,” Mickelson wrote, adding, “this quote and the many others made today by Rory probably weren’t easy to say.” Instead, it’s time for me to put an end to my animosity with others and work toward a brighter future. As shown by the numerous remarks made both today and a month ago regarding altering the Ryder Cup rules to allow Jon and others to participate, Rahm’s signing is beginning to serve as a bridge to unite the opposing sides. Let’s make the most of this opportunity.

“It will be business as usual for both parties until an agreement is reached, hopefully without the unnecessary contempt.”

There’s a sense that we’re getting closer to everyone hand in hand singing kumbaya as a result of Rahm’s jump, McIlroy retracting some of his criticisms, and Mickelson not pulling a “I was right all along” ploy.

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