Jon Rahm details Phil Mickelson snub after signing record-breaking LIV Golf deal

Phil Mickelson has been one of LIV Golf’s biggest advocates but he was left in the dark by Jon Rahm before he announced his record-breaking deal in a huge blow to the PGA Tour

Jon Rahm has revealed he had no choice but to snub Phil Mickelson from discussions over joining him in LIV Golf in a record-breaking move.

Rahm has confirmed he has accepted a lucrative deal – believed to be the biggest in golf history – to join Mickelson in the Saudi-funded golf league. While he remained coy on the details, he’s reported to have earned a £450million deal thanks to a huge signing fee to join Mickelson and co.

Since being one of the first players to forsake the PGA Tour and spearhead the LIV-led uprising among the elite players in the sport, Mickelson has been a prominent figure. Rahm, though, maintains that he had no influence whatsoever on his own choice to follow suit.

The Spaniard acknowledges consulting the American ace in the past, but he says that due to the nature of the negotiations, he had to keep him in the dark about his historic move.

When asked if Mickelson had any influence on his choice, Rahm responded, “None,” to FOX News. Not a single role. Soon after we finish this Q&A, all those players on LIV will find out. Not a single role.

“I’ve always relied on him for advice, but I haven’t spoken to him directly. Although I couldn’t have done it, I know he wishes I could have spoken with him.”

Although Rahm and Sergio Garcia, his new LIV Golf colleague and fellow Spaniard, are close, Rahm expressed concern about any possible leaks.

Rahm stated, “We couldn’t take the chance of information getting out, even though it always does.” Certain texts and topics have required me to diffuse.

“He did make contact with me and we had a brief conversation. Since he left, we have remained in touch, so it is not unusual.

Rahm dismissed the idea of playing at LIV Golf earlier this year, even claiming that Mickelson had advised him against it. “I always have a good time with Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia in the practice rounds of majors,” Rahm previously stated.

Both Phil [Mickelson] and I honor our respective decisions. Mickelson has repeatedly told me that there is no reason for me to travel to play for LIV.

Rahm has now made a U-turn and given a number of explanations for it. Although those engaged in the negotiations remained silent, Rahm maintains that the transaction was tense but swift from beginning to end.

He acknowledged, “It’s been a very small circle for a very long time.”

It has assembled much more quickly than some may have anticipated. The folks who have been working on this and supporting me have been up at night a few times. Let’s just say that the process has been exciting.

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