Six-time major champion Sir Nick Faldo has offered his take on Jon Rahm’s future if rumours are true the Spaniard has signed a LIV Golf deal.

Sir Nick Faldo has offered his take on Jon Rahm’s future amid reports the Spaniard will be joining LIV Golf for a £450m fee.

In case you haven’t been following along, Faldo doesn’t think well of the breakaway tour.

The Englishman has made several jabs at the rival league and its players since it started in June 2022.

Faldo predicted in the summer that LIV will eventually fade as “nobody’s watching,” despite the seemingly endless pool of Saudi money.

The addition of the 2023 Masters champion would probably result in an increase in the number of viewers of LIV events and broadcasts.

Figures over Rahm’s alleged deal have ranged from between $300-600m.

It’s reasonable to believe that the figures mentioned are within the range of what the Saudi PIF has invested in attracting professional football players to the Saudi Pro League.

For joining LIV, Brooks Koepka disclosed he was paid more than $100 million, and Phil Mickelson acknowledged he received $200 million.

Faldo wrote on X amid the rumors that if they were to come to pass, Rahm would be missing a lot of “serious competition.”

A user asked the six-time major champion what number would have made him think, and he responded, “Slightly different era, but 3m on the table would have got me quaking in my boots.”

What has Faldo said about LIV?

Before the 2023 British Masters, which he will be hosting, Faldo criticized LIV Golf.

The 66-year-old attacked the format and asserted that LIV would not be able to secure the sponsorship they desire.

“They refer to it as a team event, but it’s really strokeplay,” he stated.

“Play well,” you say to your friends as you watch them on the putting green, and “what did you shoot?” you ask them as you pass by the scorers tent. And that’s it.

“A group is assisting one another shoulder to shoulder. They truly are a team.

“You have the Ryder Cup, the ultimate team competition; you are familiar with its passion and atmosphere.

“The level of passion and atmosphere is not comparable to that of the Ryder Cup.”

“Only six players are truly active at this point; the other half of the field is made up of people I don’t really know and people who are there primarily for the very nice last-place money you still get if you shoot 20 over.”

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